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  1. I just used the music they had... it was the traditional wedding march instrumental music. They had a sound system set up off to the side. I would also recommend asking Audrey if they have a microphone so your guests will hear your vows. It was crazy windy and our guests heard nothing! Also the video barely picked up our voices.
  2. Ok, now for the little details and financials... I went with the free wedding package (free through Transat with minimum 5 rooms for 3 nights). With it was a free room upgrade for wedding couple, brides bouqet, grooms bout, champaign toast for up to 10 people, cake for up to 10 people and restaurant reservations for group. My husbands sister did our photos (so free). I paid $45 each for 2 BMs bouquets =$90 I upgraded our cake $60 (this made our cake crazy huge)! And I had Audrey get me a videographer which was supposed to be $300 for 30 min. video. Our video only ended up being 13 mins. so I offered them $200 which they accepted. I was very happy with the setup for my beach wedding, I had requested fushia chair ties, which I was told they didn't have. But Audrey came through and found some for me! I tipped Audrey $50 and another $50 to the servers at our wedding dinner.
  3. Well ladies, I just got back from our wedding at be live! There was some good, and some bad... I'll start with the bad, out of our group of 32, approx half ended up with the poops! And I do mean severe diarrhea! A couple of people were also feverish and vomitting. Our guests stayed one week, we stayed 2. The entire 2nd week my husband had the poops and severe stomach pain. He only left the room a few times the entire week. I dined alone, sunbathed alone and swam alone! Talk about a "crappy" honeymoon! So now on to the details... Our flight arrived Friday Jan 11 at 11:30 am, took forever to get through customs (their computers were down) when we got outside the airport there were tons of buses (look to your left) there is a service desk to direct you to the correct bus. Bus ride is only about 20 mins (not too bad). Check in is not till 3:00 so we had lunch in the buffet then had to sit around the lobby till the rooms were ready, totally sucked, we were all exhausted from having no sleep the night before (had to be at airport for 3:00 am). They were going to put us in a standard room but as the wedding couple you are entitled to free upgrade so they put us in an ocean view room. I had Audrey reserve tables in the buffet for a welcome dinner. After check in, a quick nap and literally throwing my OOTs together we met everyone in the buffet for dinner and OOT handouts. My OOTs were a huge hit, everyone loved them. On to the wedding day. We woke up Tuesday morning to pouring rain! Audrey called me at 10:30 and said we might have to do wedding indoors (in the Mexican restaurant). She said we would wait till 12:00 to make final decision (wedding scheduled for 3:00). At 12:30 Audrey called again (at this point it had stopped raining but was overcast) she said she was going to start setting up indoors. I begged for her to wait a little longer (I really wanted outside on the beach) and sure enough by 1:30 the sun made it's appearance!!!! Hooray! Everything went perfect, with the exception of we started 20 minutes late (my 8year old niece/flowergirl was stuck on the toilet with the poops)! Also it started raining again while we were doing pics (luckily we were almost done). We had dinner at the Brazillian restaurant. It was fabulous! Not great for the vegetarians, but if you like meat it's great!
  4. Has anyone been in contact with Yomaly lately? I've emailed twice in the last month with no response... Starting to freak out, we're leaving in less then 3 weeks and she's not responding!!! Grrrrrr!!!!
  5. Dollarama had them during the summer at $2 each, which I was not willing to spend. Instead I found cheap little plastic bottles (5 for $1) and bought a couple of big bottles of after sun lotion to fill them, then labeled them. I think I spent about $15 for 30 bottles!
  6. Well ladies, it's been a tough 60 days, but I did it! I finished the 60 day challenge this morning! Keep pushing through, you'll get there! Sunday I'm going to redo recovery week then start the challenge again, only 6 weeks left till my wedding!!!!
  7. Are you looking to order online or have your girls try them on first? I don't think anyone local has them. You can try calling bridal shops to see if anyone has the conv. dress in the Dessy bridal collection. Or make a trip to Toronto to Henkka. I ordered mine online from sugarbits (they were the cheapest and come in plus sizes). I haven't seen any child sizes, I don't know if anyone makes them??? You might have to get them custom made.
  8. I've gotta go with 50 shades of grey! Pure smut! Haha!
  9. My FI is the same, pictures are cool, but he won't do it. He hates having his picture taken. Getting a couple of official wedding poses out of him will be hard enough never mind a second photo shoot. So I've decided to do a TTD with my 8 year old niece in her flowergirl dress. I think the pics will be awesome of us splashing and playing in the ocean, building a sand castle, climbing a tree, etc. And it's greats auntie bonding time too (I'm in Ontario, she lives in Saskatchewan) I only see her 1-2 times per year! PS you could also do a TTD with your bridesmaids!
  10. I've been thinking the same same thing, I have 30 guests booked. Problem is several of our guests are ditching their spouses and kids to come (about 10 of them) which only leaves 8 couples and 2 kids .
  11. I'd say the first thing you need to do is find out what is included in your wedding package (flowers, dinner, cake,etc). Then ask for a price list for extras ie. bridesmaid bouquets, extra cake (most pkgs are for very small weddings), if they have somewhere for a private reception or if you'll be with other resort guests for dinner, if they have somewhere separate for dancing, cost of DJ or sound system with IPod hookup, and photography/video costs. From there it's questions like... Do they have any decorations (chair sashes etc) in your color scheme? Table decor for reception? Basically the little details of how you picture your day. I'd be interested in feed back from others if I missed anything... I've got just under 3 months to go... Getting excited and stressed that I'm missing some other important questions!
  12. Well that kinda works, still can't figure out how to actually show pics, im using an iPhone which is where all my pics are. Is there any way to put pics directly from the iPhone onto here?
  13. http://m1272.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/Liz_Hills/image.png.html?o=0 Test
  14. Here is the email address for Yomaly, ventas.marien@belivehotels.com I've only contacted her a few times but have always gotten quick responses. @dominibride, it's strange you were told that nothing is included. My cake for 10 people is included ($30 for each additional 10 people) and brides flowers are included ($45? Each for bridesmaids bouquets)
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