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Our OOT bags are DONE! (lots of pics)

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Less than a month to the wedding and Iâ€m so glad our OOT bags are DONE! Now I just have to figure out how to pack them all. I considered assembling everything once we got to Mexico but I just really don't want to waste a single second of my vacation! :)


We are having only our immediate family attend (15 including us) so we could really personalize these bags and I ended up spending a little more than I would have if we had more guests attending.  Once I started reading these forums and looking around for OOT items it was really hard to stop buying!  However, I know how practical our families are and I wanted to make sure these were all things theyâ€d use down in Mexico and probably back at home too.


 The bags weâ€re using are the Old Navy ones.  Theyâ€re not our wedding colors (aqua and coral - hard to tell in these pics) but so cute and cheap I just couldnâ€t pass them up.  I originally ordered bags from Oriental Trading Co but didnâ€t like them nearly as much.  The teenage girls got the cute Paris bags from Old Navy and the other kids got small canvas, bright colored bags.  There is a bag for each couple (I knew the husbands wouldnâ€t use them) and each single person.






Contents of each bag:

  • Bubba Kegs - $5.38/mug
  • For the In Sickness & Health Kit (only in the adult bags):
    Bought refill first aid packs from First Aid Monster - $1.36 each (fab deal!) – contains:

2 Non Aspirin Extra Tablets
2 Ibuprofen Tablets
2 Pain Relief Tablets
1 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
3 Antiseptic Towelettes
3 Alcohol Prep Pads
6 Plastic Bandage Strips
10 Junior Bandage Strips
1 Knuckle Bandage
1 Fingertip Bandage
1 Butterfly Closure

       Insect repellent wipes (also from First Aid Monkey) - $.74 each (bought 2/person)

       Hand sanitizer - $.75

       Wet wipes - $.50

       Tums rolls - $.50

       Neosporin to go - $.50

  • Sunscreen - $4
  • Welcome card/thank you note – free from VistaPrint
  • Card w/ wedding day schedule – free from VistaPrint
  • Sudoko & Crossword puzzle books - $1 Target
  • Spanish cheat sheet – printed from internet
  • wedding tissues (Oriental Trading Co) - $.43 each
  • stamped & addressed post cards for people to mail back to us with their favorite memory – free from VistaPrint (weâ€ll buy stamps when we get there)
  • Guys: golf shirts (VistaPrint) - $14.99 each (fantastic quality!)
  • Girls: Pashminas (Amazon – various vendors) - $5-12 each
  • Room key holder: (Ebay) – wrist bands $.67 each and zipped ID card holder $.80 each – I printed them myself


Total: $17.87 (plus either the golf shirt or Pashmina) ~ $22-32 per person

Each girl got asked what their favorite color is and then I bought the pashminas in those colors.  Most were around $5 or $7 but of course my sister wants bright yellow and that was $12! 






I used free letterhead from VistaPrint for the Post Cards from Paradise instructions:


Please take a few moments to write a note on these post cards for us.  We plan to use them as our guest book so we ask that each person writes out their own card.  Feel free to write out marriage advice, well wishes, or tell us about your favorite part of the vacation.  Weâ€d love to hear from everyone!  Weâ€ve included several cards per person so be creative and then give them to the concierge to mail home to us.  The other post cards can be mailed to your friends at home to make them jealous!  Gracias!!!







Really love these golf shirts! 




Extra stuff for the kids' bags.  Used free letterhead from VistaPrint for the scavenger hunt and after all my VistaPrint orders with free pens, had enough to give one each to the kids.






The mugs are fantastic!  I ordered all aqua but they ran out and sent me the brown ones.  Their customer service was fantastic!  They offered to either refund me $20 or I could exchange them.  I took the $20 because I know I'm the only one who cares that they match our wedding colors!  All the girls got the blue ones and the guys get the brown.  So instead of $8/mug we paid $5.  Not bad!


Hopefully our guests like their loot as much as I liked finding it all and packaging it up!  I know my FI is soooo happy this phase is over!  LOL!  Thanks for all the inspiration provided by previous brides!!!!




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they look great!! 

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Wow!! Great job rockon.gif

I wish I could do this for all my guests, but it'll be way over our budget -expecting 100 people eek!

A month out from you big day, wishing you best of luck to get through the next few weeks!!

Take it easy, don't stress anything, enjoy the ride cheers.gif

We're also getting married at the AS, can't wait to hear all about your big day once you return!!

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