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  1. I would recommend checking out this vendor on Etsy for the luggage tags: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80475174/clear-vinyl-luggage-tags-and-worm-loops I only needed 15 and they were by far the cheapest. Very fast shipping and quality is very good. Looks like shipping is about $13 to Canada.
  2. Ladies - here are some pics that my WC sent me of the rooftop lounge decorated for a wedding. This is their alternate location in case of rain. It put my mind at ease to see the setup so I thought you'd like to see it too. Obviously I hope no one has rain on their wedding day but it's not looking good for us!!
  3. Hi Chelsey, Come up with a list of what's important for you and your FI and then see if Sensatori ticks off most, if not all, of the boxes. I'm having a VERY small wedding so my preferences and needs might not match yours but we started planning in January of this year and we're getting married next week! I think Feb/March is totally do-able for you. I'm looking forward to going to Sensatori and my expectations are high based on all the wonderful things I've heard about it on here. However, there are a few things I wish I knew in the beginning and wish I checked into further before deciding on AS. First, you may have heard that the outside vendor fee is $800. So if you decide you don't want to go with the resort photographer, you need to pay the resort $800 or book 3 nights at their resort for your photographer. If you want an outside DJ, another $800. Florist or cake designer? $800 and $800. This is an insane amount of money, in my opinion, and it has rapidly increased over just the last few years. This really bothers me. The other thing I noticed is that options available through this resort are MUCH more expensive than at other resorts or if you were to book on your own. For example, we REALLY wanted to hire a mariachi band for our cocktail hour. I'm still super disappointed we won't be but it is $700 for a trio of guitar players (full mariachi bands, even more). Other resorts charge $300 for this same 45 minutes of entertainment. Had I not shelled out $800 for the vendor fee, I would have considered splurging on the mariachi, even at that inflated price, but now we really can't. So again, it comes down to what things are important to you: family friendly, gourmet food, lots of restaurants, no wristbands (for some reason this is important to me!), close to airport, great beach, close to shopping, ??? The list is long and there are so many options in this area of Mexico. I'm not trying to tell you NOT to book at AS, I'm just saying I wish I had looked into it more. Maybe the end result would have been the same but maybe not!
  4. I ordered my coil wrist bands from this store on Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/creativeidsupply/Wrist-Coil-Key-Chain-/_i.html?_fsub=4502804015&_sid=940593105&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 I didn't care about color (so bought the assorted pack) and know my guests probably won't use them again after the trip so I didn't want to spend a ton. I believe these shipped from China but I had them within a week.
  5. THANKS!!! 3 days 'til departure!! Can't wait and can't believe it's here already!!
  6. If you feel you really should be getting faster responses, ask to switch WC. Elizabeth Riff is fantastic!! Even if my questions weren't pressing, she'd get back to me quickly; even one time emailing me that she was traveling but would respond on xx date. I would definitely stack the questions all together and email the set so she can research and get back to you unless it's something very time sensitive. Sounds like you're not expecting much and not getting anywhere near that so I wouldn't hesitate to ask for a change in WC. Worst they can say is 'no.' And I agree with doing it all over email so it's in "writing." I didn't make any phone calls.
  7. Thanks Murmel and Evelyn for the alternate location info. I found some pics on my TAs website that showed this area too. And thanks for the info on the dress storage. I'm not worried about it as we should be one of the first to board.
  8. I don't know anything about the Wright Agency but would never use a TA that charges fees. They should be getting commission from the resorts and vendors, not you. My TA (a friend of mine) did say that airlines are no longer giving TAs commissions as of the last few years.
  9. Love those! and a great idea for place settings!! We're doing a blue margarita as our signature drink.
  10. I think it looks very light and cool for a beach wedding. Dresses are so hard to judge unless you can see the person wearing it though. The layers do remind me of Mexico though!
  11. I did luggage tags and bought them from this vendor on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80475086/clear-vinyl-luggage-tags-and-worm-loops He had various size quantities available and since I only needed 15, this is the cheapest I found. If you're looking for 100, you may find them cheaper on Ebay but this vendor was very fast and the quality is great. My guests loved them!
  12. Any past brides have pictures of alternate ceremony locations in case in rains? We're supposed to be married on the beach but my fiance (Mr. Weather) has been telling me there is a tropical disturbance heading that way for Sun-Tues and we should be prepared. Yes, I almost punched him when he said "isn't it good luck to rain on your wedding day?" This isn't the typical "rain every day in the forecast for Cancun in the summer" so I do want to be prepared. We have a very small group so I'm hoping they have some nice, private areas and they don't throw us in the ballroom. Here's a laugh for you... I called Delta to find out what their policy is for carrying wedding dresses on board and they told me the things we've all heard before: "if there is room in the first class closet you can hang it there or you can hold it on your lap." I'm not worried about it wrinkling as it is lace but I was stunned into silence when the rep said "or you can buy a seat for it." hahahahahahaha Unbelievable.
  13. Yeah, way too high. Maybe they have you priced for the honeymoon suite or something like that. She is a Karisma GI consultant that's been in their top 10 for several years now so she'll get you a great group rate plus some perks like the TA mentioned a few posts up on this forum. We got a free cocktail hour for our guests and chose a romantic dinner on the beach for us.
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