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  1. It is very hard to find matching coral stuff! Even just trying to find ribbon in the craft stores was hard. LindayOO--I just came across a tie website last week. www.solidcolorneckties.com They sent me several color swatches so I could compare them to my DB swatches. Very helpful and very close in color to the DB Coral Rose. I'm not doing ties, just pocket squares for my guys and Mens Wearhouse carries DB colors, but not Coral Rose pocket squares. Go figure.
  2. Oh, and....Keisha just sent me 2 pics of the free bouquet. Neither looks anything like what your bouquet did Lauren. Yours was pretty and the pics she sent me were not. A lot of red and yellow in these. Did she give anyone more than 2 to choose from?
  3. Lauren, For your first dance on the beach...you said you rented equipment? Was that from the Riu or someone else? What did they give you? I'm not sure what we will do for our first dance. My FI also wants to do the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances, so I'm trying to figure out how to do all of that. Not sure I want to rent the disco as there are only 12 of us.
  4. I just got info from Keisha last week on the steaming. They send it off site for $45 per garment. No, thanks. I'll hang it in the bathroom so steamy showers help and I'll bring a little steamer and fix any remaining wrinkles myself.
  5. I'm doing coral too. My MOH is wearing a coral reef dress from David's and I'm having accents of turquoise or aqua. Anyone thought of what color flowers to do against the coral dress??
  6. I'm wondering if I should order organza or tulle to match the chair sashes to put on the gazebo so it will match?
  7. Funny that they guy at the mall was selling the same ones!
  8. I was thinking no gift to try to save money too. However, it is our one wedding day. I'll have to think about it some more.
  9. Good info to have, so I don't have to try to come up w/ it on my own!
  10. I'm asking for them back 2 months in advance. But, I pretty much know who's going because those are the ones who have booked...lol
  11. Can't decide on hot pink w/ turquoise or aqua. Every website has similar colors w/ different names.
  12. I love cake and would hate to throw it out too! I saw someone had Martha Stewart cake boxes, but not sure where from. I'll have to look into this for myself too.
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