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Acireta's OOT Bags - Tons of Pictures & Templates

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I absolutely loved making these bags! I think this was one of my favorite projects throughout this planning process, and Iâ€m really excited to share them with you all.


We got the bags from Cheap Totes, and they were totally worth the price ($2.89). Theyâ€re a nice large size with a big pocket on the outside, and the quality is great.





I made tags for each bag on shimmer cardstock, and used a 3†punch from Michaels (with a coupon of course!)





I did separate welcome packets for cruising guests and St. Thomas guests. I ended up making my own folders from black cardstock because I couldnâ€t find the right size folders I needed. I tied each folder with ribbon and a welcome monogram.


Welcome Packet Contents

  • Welcome postcard (Vistaprint)

welcome postcard liberty.JPG

  • Wedding week events (Vistaprint)

wedding week events.JPG

  • Wedding day timeline (Vistaprint)

wedding day timeline cruising guests.JPG

  • Photoshare business cards glued to one of the pockets (Vistaprint)

photoshare cards for oot bag.JPG

  • St. Thomas postcards (www.vitraders.com) – top postcard (Vistaprint) explained one should be returned for our guestbook

postcards from paradise.jpg

  • Door hangers (Vistaprint)

door hangers.jpg

  • Photo release form for the cruising guests (from Carnival, see templates below)
  • Recipe cards (from Jules23, Vistaprint)


photo 1.JPG



Here's the whole welcome packet all put together:











 To be continued... 


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I included a few different bags with stuff for the guests in the OOT bags. Brandyâ€s kit labels by Rebecca were a huge inspiration for the toppers for these kits.


In Sickness and In Health – Carnival Liberty/St. Thomas Survival Kit

  • Dramamine (www.cheaptravelsizes.com)
  • Advil (www.minimus.biz)
  • Band-aids (www.minimus.biz)
  • Neosporin (www.minimus.biz)
  • Mints & gum (Dollar Tree)
  • Purell (Dollar Tree)
  • Tissues (Other BDW brides)
  • Mustang soaps (stores.ebay.com/silkybathnbody)
  • Shout wipes (www.minimus.biz)







For Better or For Worse – Sun, Sand & Fun Kit

photo 5.JPG

  • Flip-flop Playing cards (Oriental Trading)
  • Mini personal fans (Oriental Trading)







In Good Times and In Bad – Live, Laugh, Love Kit

  • Star Wars Pez (Amazon)
  • Personalized shotglasses (Discount Mugs)


  • Personalized guitar picks (www.claytoncustom.com)


  • Starfish wine stoppers (BDW bride a long time ago)   






We included Sudoku/wordsearch books (Dollar Tree) and cosmetics bags (dollar bins at Joannâ€s Fabric). We got black pashminas for the ladies from Sears, bought on a day when they were ridiculously on sale. I printed the tags on shimmer cardstock and used blue ribbon to tie them.







To be continued... 

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I put in a bunch of extras for our parents and bridesmaids.


For my mom and stepdad, MOB hat and totebag and Team Bride shirt for my stepdad (Vistaprint)




For Alâ€s mom, Mother of the Groom shirt and Carnival Liberty totebag (Vistaprint)




Extras for my bridesmaids:

  • Bridesmaids shirts with nicknames on the back (Target, Michaels)


  • Flip-flops for wedding day (Old Navy)
  • Bridesmaids cosmetics bags (Michaels)
  • Monogrammed jewelry rolls (Davidâ€s Bridal)

jewelry pouch outer.jpg

  • Notebooks and monogrammed post-it notes


Bridesmaids' stuff all together:

bridesmaids packages.JPG



Finally ready to start packing the bags!




The Total Package 




Templates and pricing coming up!

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Price Breakdown

Totebags - $2.89

Keycard/tip holder and lanyard - $.70

Sudoku/word search book - $1

Dramamine - $1.29

Advil - $.44

Band-aids - $1.25

Neosporin - $.69

Mints & gum - $.58

Purell - $.33

Tissues - $.25

Shout wipes - $.39

Mustang soaps - $.40

Sunscreen - $1.79

Aloe - $.99

Chapstick and shrink wrap - $.55

Flip-flop Playing cards - $.67

Mini personal fan and batteries - $1.50

Star Wars Pez - $1.92

Starfish wine stopper - $3

Personalized shotglass - $2.77

Personalized guitar picks - $.15 (5 picks per bag)

Pashmina - $4.95

Cosmetics bag - $.50

Everything from Vistaprint was free


Not including paper for kit toppers/folders, ribbon, BM extras and shipping costs, these worked out to $29 per bag, give or take a buck or two for doubling lanyards, soaps and chapsticks in the couples†bags. We only had to make 12, so it was perfect for our budget.


I know I went a bit overboard with the pictures, but this thread has really helped me to get organized. I cannot wait to give these bags to our guests at dinner on the first night of the cruise!!

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Wow, these are amazing! You did such a great job. I hope mine turn out have as good as yours. Would you mind if I PM'd you my email address for some of your templates? I have yet to reach enough posts to be able to open them. Again, awesome job!

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WOW! I'm soo impressed! And you're a Carnival Bride too! I'm getting married on the Carnival Dream on April 28th, and I've been on the Liberty - I got engaged on it in 2010! Eeeek :D


I love everything.. I love your bag, I wish I had spotted that one, I have a similar one but its' got navy trim, and I wanted something more closer to turquoise, oh well. I am uber impressed and so envious of your welcome packets with the timeline and everything in them, wow! I am getting married on embarkation day so they told us we won't even know what time we're getting married until 2 weeks before the wedding date.


I have put most of my stuff in a 'wedding week survival kit' but I really like how you broke yours up into three little kits.. especially the fun stuff like star wars pez, my fiance would love that. But he would hate it if I broke up all of our survival kits now as we spent a lot of time packing them up.. lol.

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Fantastic job!!  I love all the different bag options, and the different gifts you got for your guests.  Very cool!  And our April is just around the corner!!!  :)

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