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  1. I think that's probably what our grandmothers thought about tampons!! It does sound weird, but after you learn how to use it, it's the best thing ever! Check out the FAQ on the diva cup before you decide against it http://lunapads.com/tips-and-advice/divacup-overview b
  2. REDUCED PRICE: Size 1 (street clothes size 2) Lace Wedding Dress I'm located in Edmonton and I'm looking to sell my wedding dress for $400 that I bought at Ethos in Edmonton for $900. This dress is a simple, but beautiful lace zip up gown that has empire waist beading, and a satin bow in the back. The dress is ivory and has the ivory satin bow at the back. It has a sweetheart neckline and a small train. The dress is made of Alencon lace and is fully lined, with boning in the bodice. I am 5'1 and 105lbs, and the dress was tailored for me so I could wear 1 inch sandals. The dress was originally a size 1 and was taken in a bit, but the dress looks as if it could be let out slightly as well. I am about a B cup and wore a simple strapless bra underneath. The dress was so comfortable and light for our destination wedding, but it's elegant enough to wear for a fancier wedding in the winter. The dress is able to be busselled, and was perfect for dancing. The dress is simple, but I still felt like a princess on my wedding day. This is the perfect dress for a petite bride who doesn't want to be overwhelmed by a dress with tons of fabric!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by traylynn I still can't figure out how to insert. I bought a box and 6 of my co-workers looked at the box for hours discussing how to insert it http://divacup.com/how-it-works/how-it-works/ This is the how-to page. There are also lots of videos on youtube It's WELL worth the learning curve
  4. Have you received all your photos from Claudia yet?? I was married on July 6th, 2013 and still don't have my pictures!!
  5. On the back of the keycard holders I made, I wrote everyone's room number, which was super helpful!! We just called eachother and planned to meet at a particular time, left a message if they didn't pick up. I've heard of people using walkie-talkies, which would have been a great idea! It definitely was challenging, because the resort is really big, but we definitely developed a bit of a routine and the 'usual' places that we would hang out.
  6. They will let you have ONE group dinner booked through the travel agent that does not cost anything. We made sure to tip the waitstaff, but we had a set menu at the Caribbean restaurant for 26 people that did not cost us anything more than that. We didn't do a welcome dinner, we just went to one of the buffets early and had a group of a few tables (they are really close to eachother). We used our one group dinner reservation for a rehearsal dinner instead!
  7. Playa del Carmen is about 20 mins away and I'm SURE you could buy all those things there. So many little shops on 5th avenue. I know for sure we saw maracas, mini tequila bottles and I'm confident you could find pinatas and sparklers We took the shuttle there for 3 dollars each way and you just walk to the entrance of the hotel on the road and wait for the vans to stop and pick you up. Very easy!
  8. We used Angie Oswald from Carlson Waglit Travel and she was great. We were also able to redeem royal bank visa points, which was awesome. (780) 444-1741 is her number. She's super fast with email as well angieoswald@shaw.ca
  9. I think Victoria told me to confirm 2-3 weeks before....remember, they are REALLY laid back down there. Last minute changes don't phase them! I sent invites out in September and asked that people RSVP by January, because that's when our travel agent needed the final payment. Once I had the final payment list from the travel agent, I sent that to the WC. She really didn't seem concerned about actual numbers until about 2 weeks before we arrived.
  10. Thanks! Keep in mind, I'm 5'1, so it's appropriate that I'm a size 1 I had to hem the dress SO MUCH lol! I hadn't thought of that...good idea!!
  11. Edmonton brides! I'm selling my wedding dress. I would love to hang onto it, but I would rather someone else get the joy of wearing it instead Looking to sell my wedding dress for $500 OBO that I bought at Ethos in Edmonton for $850, plus $350 in alterations. It's a very simple, but beautiful lace zip up gown that has empire waist beading, and a satin bow in the back. I am 5'1 and 105lbs, and the dress was tailored for me so I could wear 1 inch sandals. The dress was originally a size 1and was taken in a bit, but it looks like it could be let out a few inches (seamstress left some fabric inside the dress) as well. It was so comfortable and light for our summer wedding in Mexico, but it's elegant enough to wear for a fancier wedding in the winter. We got married on July 6th, 2013 and I would really like to sell the dress to make some money for grad school in the fall Please text/call/email 780-239-3930 or jln8@ualberta.ca for more photos or to ask questions.
  12. Just got back from our wedding and honeymoon at the Barcelo Maya Palace and it was amazing!! Feel free to check out my facebook album to see some pics https://www.facebook.com/julie.nelson.940098/media_set?set=a.10100212736926495.1073741827.120406427&type=1 or message me with questions. I will do a full review ASAP
  13. I can't tell you about upgrading the Mint Breeze to the beach because we decided to do it inside. It's going to be pretty hot in July and I'm thinking grandparents etc who aren't used to the heat are going to need some time in the AC after being outside for the ceremony. As for flowers, the wedding coordinator told me that they can literally do anything you want, it will just be priced according to availability. Check out the photos on this thread (right hand side, recent images in this thread) and you will see from the pics that people have a wide range of flowers. I can email you what the WC sent me so you can see what they offer...she said also if I didn't like those, just pick other colors/flowers and send pics. Private message me your email address! As for music, the mint breeze includes either a violin, flute or guitar (I think...?) for the ceremony, but this doesn't extend to the reception, although you can definitely rent any kind of music you want for that portion of the wedding. We are going with the ipod...just made a playlist and are going to plug it in during the reception (this option is free for the speakers etc). I don't think you can substitute things for the cake...it's just a part of the package. As for photographers, they recommend their photographers because they have a contract with them, but you have to purchase packages from the company, it's not included! We are hiring a different photographer as well, so we paid for her room instead of paying the $500 vendors fee. Hope that was helpful! Sorry I couldn't answer more!
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