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MJKH - Wedding week survival bags are done!!! Lots of pics : )

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I have been to dollar store after dollar store hoping to find some bags like those- great find!


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Thanks ladies for all of your positive feedback...these kits were so much fun to do.  I hope you're equally inspired by BDW to do some "special little touches" for your guests.  Honestly, now that the wedding is over, I get kinda sad walking thru the stores, finding new and exciting (and inexpensive) things for OOT bags...then realizing we don't need them anymore! ; )


Best wishes to you all and happy OOT shopping! 



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Originally Posted by MJKH View Post

So last night's project was the flip-flop basket. I moved our DW stuff all up from the basement to the office in the afternoon and felt overwhelmed by the amount to pack. Decided to put the flip-flop basket out next weekend with the wedding survival bags when everyone is here for the open house. That way, ladies will take them if they will use them and can enjoy them the entire week they are in Mexico. The flip-flops are from Old Navy (metallic silver, bronze and pearl...which btw are still available on their website!). A little part of me wants to challenge the ladies to a "who can best bedazzle their flip-flops" contest...but I think at this time of the year, people have enough to do! ; ) 


The tags are Vistaprint business cards (printed a slightly different way with our departure monogram), trimmed slightly, corners rounded with a punch...tied on with pink raffia. 




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