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  1. YAY!!!! And Congrats!!!!! So happy everything turned out PERFECT!!! Makes me feel less worried since I have received neither final confirmations nor the wedding planner and we leave tomorrow at 6 am!! Again, Congrats!!!!!
  2. Has anyone planned an excursion for the group to Isla Mujeres? I am toying with the idea and would love to hear if anyone has done this.
  3. Besides rewording one sentence, we're not making any changes. Although I think my sister might read an Irish Blessing at the end before the closing remarks. lciz, I love the hairpiece you wore for your wedding! Where did you get it? K, I wasn't able to listen to the webinar this morning. Did you get some good info and answers from N???
  4. We are doing a symbolic ceremony and received the following script from Excellence appointed officiant Albert (lambcaro@hotmail.com) Ceremony Script.docx
  5. I would check Dept of State for official guidelines http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_970.html
  6. Thanks for posting! I leave for EPM next week and still haven't received this from N. Only a couple more days for you!! How exciting!! WEDDING PLANNER FORMAT.xlsx
  7. Does anyone know where on the beach the wedding is held? Is it on the beach near the gazebo? Here is a link to the map http://www.excellence-resorts.com/caribbean-and-mexico-destinations/excellence-playa-mujeres/resort-map
  8. Awww...what a sweet fiance! Especially during this stressful time, it's so sweet that he tries to do what he can to help bring the stress level down. Perfect marriage material Nayeli wrote me an email awhile back and said she gets to her emails in the evening since it's the only downtime she has. We emailed back and forth a few times (it was amazing to get the "real time" responses) at 11pm EST. So no worries if you don't hear back from her during the "normal hour" workday! Hopefully you do hear back today!! Out of curiosity, are any April brides using Stargazer lilies in their bouquets or centerpieces? I still haven't heard back from N if they're available or not and want to know if I should start looking for a Plan B.,,
  9. I'm going to start including all email addys with my correspondence to EPM to see if at least someone will respond. Does anyone have anything different for the WC email addys? I have: weddings.xpm@excellence-resorts.com (Nayeli) groups1.cun@excellence-resorts.com (Lleny) Cole379, thank you for your suggestions! Super helpful. Especially with your experience as an event and wedding planner, if you have any other suggestions, please let us know! I chose a destination wedding since I thought I would not have to deal with all the event planning details....boy was I wrong Amanda, these are the events they have going on at the moment: The night shows that we have are: Monday : One Thousand and one night or Caribbean Show Tuesday: Casino and Magician Show Wednesday : Manager Cocktail Thursday: Michael Jackson Show Friday: Mayan or Mexican Show Saturday: Fire show and Romantic Dancing Show Sunday: Las Vegas Show or 70’s & 80’s Show. For the Caribbean and Mexican show includes buffet dinner that stars at 6.30 pm or 7:00 pm. All the shows start at 9:30 pm.
  10. Whew! I just finished reading all the posts from today. I love this solidarity...esp since N isn't responding. lciz, thank you so much for sharing all this information with us! You look gorgeous in your pictures!!! Did you have a long table to seat everyone at the reception? I would like to do that type of seating as well (we have 31 guests). Did you and your groom sit in the middle of the table? What kind of seating did you do. Also, did you seat the photographers at the same table? MsBlissMpls, It is crazy that 8 days away and nothing has been confirmed yet....I'm 5 days right after you and I feel like I have nothing decided since I'm also still waiting to hear back from N. Arg!!! Frustrating, but as long as my FI shows up at the alter, it'll be great.
  11. lciz, CONGRATS!!! You look amazing in the photo! Thank you so much for taking time while you're there to write to us. So glad to hear that the wedding turned out amazing. Helps reassure that everything will turn out great....I leave in 2 weeks and still have so much that hasn't been confirmed by N... You mentioned in your earlier post that some of the guests didn't get the food they ordered at the reception because the kitchen ran out of those meals. Did the guests make their food choices at the reception or did the give the to you beforehand. I'm still not clear on how choosing the menu works and if N needs a head count for each meal choice before the reception or how that all works. Also, what cake flavor did you choose? Did you do a rehearsal dinner? Would you recommend doing one? From one April bride to another, thanks again for all your feedback!!!!!
  12. We're going with Juan Navarro. His pics look great and he's been easy to work with so far.
  13. We initially wanted to do the menu tasting and Gustavo said that wasn't possible. It's good to know that it is still an option! For the menu, do you get to pick a couple entrees for the reception and each guest chooses what they want from those options? How does that all work?
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