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  1. Hi ztag! I actually have been to the resort so I can probably be of some help to you! First, I chose the Del Mar for two reasons - 1) after reading a 2011 Iberostar Forum (http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/63135/2011-iberostar-brides) which has a lot of super helpful information, I learned that the Del Mar is the only one with the covered, open air reception venue. All of the other reception venues are inside. 2) it's more affordable for guests! If you choose the Del Mar or Beach your guests can stay at any of the hotels and still have access to your wedding. If you choose the Lindo or Maya your guests can stay at either of those two or the Grand and have access to your wedding (they will have to buy a day pass to go to your wedding if they stay at the Del Mar or Beach). So that's another reason I chose the Del Mar - no matter which Iberostar hotel people stay at they can come to us! I hope this is helpful!
  2. If those are cocktail stirrers (I think that's what they look like) you can just do a Google search for "light up drink stirrer" and you'll find lots: http://www.windycitynovelties.com/7620p/yellow-led-light-up-cocktail-stirrers.html?s_cid=FRO7620&utm_source=Froogle&utm_medium=ShopFeed&utm_term=7620&utm_campaign=Froogle
  3. I read that even if you don't have Ivan DJ Doremixx is still good (but I did make sure to secure Ivan as the DJ was the first thing I booked!) I was looking at the styling trio for makeup, but haven't made a decision there as it's super expensive! I'm having my hair done by the resort as it's included in my package (along with a trial so hopefully not much room for error the day of!) My fiance and I booked our trip last week, we're staying for 10 day!! So now people are starting to book - exciting! I need to send invites soon! The thing I'm most excited about is doing the out of town bags. I can't stand waiting for everyone to book to know how much stuff to get!
  4. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/71448/cheap-maracas-for-reception I've seen a few fun ideas with a little searching.
  5. I think it would be a good idea to give them a personal card thanking them for their support (whether it was monetary or otherwise) with a note saying that they can pick one of the photos from the photographer that you will get either framed or set on canvas for them to hang in their home. I think that's what we might do!
  6. Great info! Now I need to search for how much people spend on their stationary and OOT bags!
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