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  1. Does anyone know if Julia Eskin is still in business? I've tried emailing her to know avail & her website is down. Or does anyone have alternate contact information for her??? Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Hi All My FI thinks I'm going off a bit too much on the OOT bags. Although we have a smallish group of 15-20 going with us, they are all spending alot of $$$ to be there for us. Some couples have a child or two and that of course costs them that much more. I'm doing an oot bag for each couple/family, but instead of putting a ton of small items in I'm giving out bigger gift/souveniers, but of course it's starting to add up! We're also not having a private reception and instead we are using that $ (plus a bit more and are treating our guests to an all day private excursion. So the question is, how much are you guys spending on each bag and/or guest? Are you doing anything else special for them or with them? How much is too much?
  3. Uggg I didnt even think of the crimson tide coming! I get bad cramps too! Guess I'll have to make sure to pack lots of extra strength Pamprin & stick on heat thermal wraps- those are the only things that help me.
  4. Thanks for all the responses & tips!!! Yall made me feel way better! SPF 100 great idea! Emergency kit excellent idea (I wouldn't think to bring super glue- but that can come in handy)! Imodium pills also excellent idea!! Okay so if I prepare properly I think I'll be okay. I'm going to fake n bake a week before hand too so I can at least get a base layer. I hate to, but it must be done. I hope I can relax before hand though. It would be nice for it to still feel like a "real" vacation and not just avoiding disaster.
  5. Hi all, We're going down 3 nights before our actual ceremony. Originally I wanted to get in to Punta Cana the day before the ceremony but now our dates been moved. I wanted to get there right before so I could relax the rest of the week & not stress about disaster. Is anyone else concerned about getting sick, burned, tanlines, breaking out, or gaining weight before ceremony? Call me paranoid but I'm super concerned that I'm going to get sick on my wedding day and feel & look like crap. So now I'm thinking I'm only going to eat pre-packaged foods for the 3 days before wedding. I totally feel like Charlotte on Sex in City...lol ... I also wouldn't want to drink too much before (like at all) and gain weight and/or break out because of any food and alcohol. Plus I'm afraid of getting burned or horrible tan lines, and bandeau tops are not an option for me (my ta ta's need some support). My FI thinks I'm being paranoid but I just don't feel like I'll be able to relax before the wedding day & it's kind of a waste to go 3 days before if I'm just trying to prevent all the what if's. We can reschedule flights & stay longer after wedding but it's going to cost $400+ more and I don't know if it's worth it. Does anyone else stress about these things or actually had disaster happen on/before wedding? How long before the ceremony is everyone else flying down?
  6. It's perfect! I'm actually rather uptight when it comes to guest attire (no all white, clingy or upshowing dresses!) and I think it's super cute. You should def. wear it.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Oh my gosh, this is so late, but I went to Eva's in Oak Lawn. So sorry, sometimes i just get enough time to check a few threads. And it's hard looking at all these gorgeous dresses when mine is being remade. AJ, your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Your thin soft satin looks much better than my thin soft satin in picture. which makes me hope that maybe my pic was dull. Well, I got my new pics. They lowered the neck in the first dress, and I decided it was too low for my little boobs that need a bra. So I had them make the second dress (they offered to remake in a different, less matte fabric) just the way they made the first originally. So I'm going to have two dresses sent and now I'm afraid that the first would have been perfect, but now the neck is too low, and the second looks too shiny (but maybe it's a picture thing, and in real life it's not). I wish they could have had silk charmeuse available. Oh well, they still look very nice and great quality (although I am scared of the pin holes I keep hearing about). I should be getting them any day now. If I like one, I may try selling the other (no sense in two right) for very cheap since they threw the second in for a smaller price. Victoria's secret has "Plunging bras" for deep necklines. You can order one try it & return it if it doesn't work. I bet they would work with your first dress. I actually Love that neckline, but I could never get away with it...
  8. #2 all the way!!! My sister & I agree plus my FI says #2 shows off your figure the very best!! So thats 3 votes for #2 here.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by -ballerina- 007bride, thank you!!! =) Yeah, I did ask Gianinarbridal to change the bodice. I wanted no beading at all and the grey sash like on some other dress. I didn't do any alterations to my gown, it perfectly fits me =) Did you give them any pics of the bodice you wanted or did you just describe it to them? Did you want the gathering at the top? You really do look amazing in that dress! Your waist looks so small & it looks like it fits your figure better than the original dress & model! Looks like your wedding is coming up soon I'm sure you're getting really excited!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by -ballerina- christinak82, I am so sorry for such a late reply! I haven't been on the forum for quite a while. My dress is white polyester satin. And that's the only thing I don't like about it. The dress is VERY heavy and I am pretty sure I will feel very hot wearing it in July. If you want your dress to be flowy, I wouldn't suggest poly satin. This fabric is very stiff. But my gown is not supposed to be flowy, so I am pretty satisfied with the fabric I chose. Here are the pictures of it on me. And this is the original dress I showed to gianinarbridal: Your dress is gorgeous!!! It fits you so beautifully as well. This is similar to one that I have in mind but I'm still aprehensive to order online. The original dress looks like it has a different bodice. Did you ask for the bodice changes & the additional ribbon? I think your dress is actually prettier, but I'm just curious if you asked for those changes specifically. Also did you have it taken in at all or did it fit off the hanger?
  11. Oh Thank you Thank you!!! I think I'm now beginning to realize that my idea of a timely response isn't exactly the same as the laid back caribbean. It seems like it takes years to get a response from these hotels. Thanks again!
  12. Hi All, I can't seem to get a timely response from the Majestic (Elegance or Colonial) on their packages for vow renewals or symbolic ceremonies. Does anyone have any package info & pricing? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the response! It's so hard to decide with the planning...especially when you can't really customize the packages for things you don't want or need. I hope you had a wonderful Majestic wedding!
  14. Hello all, I've been lurking here for a bit & yall are so incredibly informative that I've now made my mind up to def have a symbolic ceremony in Punta Cana We're thinking of just having a symbolic elopemenet sorta speak with just the two us, or a very small wedding party. We don't want anything elaborate and I'm not picky about details. However, we want to get a great photographer but really don't want to spend the extra $$$ on the $1750 Majestic wedding package that we really don't want or need. Does anyone think it would be possible to just book a suite and hire our own pastor and photographer, and have the ceremony in our suite then take pictures around the resort? I know in Vegas people do this all the time, but I'm just not sure if the Majestic would permit us to have our own vendors there and then take pics around the property. Any help would be *greatly* apprecited!!! Thanks so much!
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