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MWise17's Planning Thread - DIY heavy/**PIC HEAVY**

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:)  Thanks so much ladies....it was fun, hope you are enjoying the planning process!!!  isn't this site awesome for ideas!!??


Nerds In Love (awesome name).....I LOVED the guys suits....especially the vest look....they did look quite sharp, good idea on keeping them!  We had looked at Le Chateau as well, but my Husband is short and muscular, so his legs/butt never fit in regular cut clothing, so we did studio suits as they are tailor made (just send in measurements)..they were also way cheaper than Le Chateau (win, win)   :)


Originally Posted by cantstopsmiling View Post

OH.MY.GOSH!!!! I wish I had been at your wedding!!!!!!! I loved every bit of it! Well done you!!!!


Originally Posted by Nerds In Love View Post

Mwise...this is a fabulous thread here! You have some great ideas; thanks for taking the time to share with all of us woot.gif.

You've also convinced me to let the FI keep his Le Chateau linen suit...your guys look so dapper in them, how could I have possibly thought to change my mind on that?!?


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beautiful wedding! i love all the little details!


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