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  1. your AHR looks like it turned out awesome!! We just had mine last weekend, did you send different thank you cards for your AHR then your actual wedding? did you include any printed wording or just a hand written note? thanks!
  2. JSZY - Chase posted a little while back about the jewelry stores: You are permitted to use $300 of your resort dollars at the fine jewelry stores but only on diamonds and gold. Also, you can negotiate prices in this store! Do not pay full price. You do have to pay 11% taxes.You are permitted to use $100 of your resort dollars in the silver jewelry stores. Again an 11% charge. You can negotiate prices in these stores too.
  3. I thought i would only spend like $1000 or so but I ended up spending $1500 on a dress I adored!! alterations surprised me at $350 even though not much had to be done (taken in is all) But it was awesome and definitely my style! I did surprise myself on what I spent on my dress but honestly it was worth it!! mine was Alfred Angelo 850 Good Luck dress hunting!! I couldn't find any sample/trunk sales where I lived, but if you can it sounds like it is the way to go!
  4. I wore barefoot jewelry for my "flats". I bought mine from {red-i} by Chelsea she was great to work with and does custom work to match your theme (I also bought a bracelet and necklace from her). I wore them again for my TTD. I only have my sneak peeks so far from my photographer so I don't have any good pics yet so here are the barefoot ones i ordered: Then she came out with these super sparkly ones that i completely adore: Walking in the sand was so easy in these! and everyone loved them, if I would have had a bridal party I would have bought these for them! I will be ordering more for the next beach trip we take!
  5. Show us your Wedding Flat Sandals!
  6. we did a TTD in a cenote and on the beach, it was great!! we only have some sneak peeks so far but we both are in love with the and can't stop staring! I highly recommend doing one!, we did ours 2 days after our wedding (we figured we would need time to recuperate) My dress was lace and is perfectly clean, but I'm still brining it to the cleaners.
  7. Pictures in water wearing wedding dress?
  8. And my TTD teasers too (I highly recommend doing TTD it was so much fun and i got to wear my dress again!):
  9. hey heres a link to my sneak peeks!! I'm so thrilled with them! sneak peeks or if that doesn't work here they are:
  10. Morgan, we also felt like it was dead and we were the only guests there but honestly I loved it! We had pool areas to ourself it was great. Oh and I know what your talking about with being woken up in the middle of the night by that darn squeeky wheeled room service cart! Drove me nuts!! Also our air conditioning in the room was noisy at times, but I think anything would have woken me up to be honest due to the lumpy really hard bed! I know other peoples beds weren't as bad as ours! We also did Xplor the day before our wedding with a few of our guests and had a blast! It was definitely excerisize going up those towers and I would suggest to anyone who wants to go bring old running shoes because they will get soaked!! I wore flip flops because I only had brand new runners that I wasn't willing to get wet. I'm going to try and post the sneak peeks from our photographer today! We just got them!!
  11. Hey guys, just an update we finally got our 4 free nights put back in our credit card it was around $1200 which we weren't really expecting!! Yay! We got it back through the company we booked our vacation through (westjet - they finally did something right) Also my sneak peeks should be available through our photographer shortly (it's been over three weeks, I'm getting so excited!) when I get them I'll post a link! Also Jaime, Tammy and Jennifer, have you ladies written a revue for the resort yet? I'm planning on doing it but I have been a little lazy since getting home from Mexico! And as far as tipping goes we tipped the bell boys, anybody that drove us to our room, the bartender at the martini bar (Aldo - loved him). But the wedding day we tipped the four staff members well because they were amazing and the head waiter was incredibly helpful when our friends were setting up. Hair salon I tipped $10 for the wedding day and $5 for the TTD day but like I said before my TTD makeup was so bad I looked like drag queen (I washed my face right away and did my own makeup). You definitely don't have to tip but we did, they were just so nice, well everywhere but the front desk!
  12. We only were supposed to receive 4 free nights as we only had 64 room nights booked and we were obviously there longer!! Just curious as to how much you ladies received! I was looking on expedia and I saw that right now they are going for $296 for their regular rooms, just curious if this was close to the price that was refunded back to people!
  13. About the free room nights, our vacation company (westjet) we booked all our guests and our trip through is refunding us the nights aparently, we will see how this goes! We have just been in contact with them, I'll keep you ladies posted! Just curious how much did you get per night?
  14. Yeah I had all my own makeup too! I even showed him the colours for my eye makeup but he never used it lol!! I could only laugh and still am fine that I did my own - it makes for a funny story (I wish I took a picture of it!!! We were gone all day on the Thursday for our TTD and your wedding day I wished I could have watched! I loved my ceremony (Chichen Gazebo)!! Our friends set our ceremony and reception decor up (they wanted $300 for what little things I brought). I loved my starfish - sad that I left them there! I needed room in my suitcase for my dress on the way home. The only complaint we had for the ceremony was the minister lady was so friggen religious!! Brad and I were both raised catholic but we aren't religious at all so we asked for non religious and got her talking about god and saying prayers the entire time. I can't lie I don't know really what she was saying as he and I spent the entire time chatting to ourselves! But I know the vow part started like "before god..." so basically ladies if you aren't religious really stress it to your wedding planner about how important it is that there is no mention of god etc. it was very odd for us. And she said my name wrong the entire time!! She did ask brad before the ceremony how to say our names (and she wasn't even Mexican, she was from the states), my dad halfway through also stopped the ceremony to correct her pronunciation and then she introduced us with the wrong last name! Again he and I just laughed, we are fairly easy going people! Again makes for funny stories!
  15. Lol your post with all your wedding photos was not up on my comp when I posted!!! Loved the set up! You looked gorgeous!! Okay funny story about your makeup guy - he did my makeup for my trash the dress day and it was horrible!! I looked like a transvestite! I ran out of the salon after I tol him it was bad, ran to my friends room with my head down and face covered and she couldn't stop laughing!! I wish I took a picture! I was orange and my eyeliner was so thick and rummed all they way around my eyes!!! So yeah I washed my face and did it myself! I'm do glad he did yours extremely well!! He also did Brad sisters makeup the day I my wedding and did a great job so he must have been off his game or something! Also I asked for light and beachy makeup because my wedding day makeup was fairly heavy (gorgeous but I was afraid too much would melt in the water) and I wanted something different from my wedding photos.
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