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  1. ROS64, I've been emailing back and forth with a Riu WC. Her name is Jazz Acero. She's been very prompt and helpful. I don't know if they have more than one WC but maybe she could help you? If you'd like her email let me know and I will PM it to you. Best of luck, Brittani
  2. I've read bad reviews about the Riu photog. Their pics look good online, but we chose to book Gilda Badiillo.
  3. Bummer about the sky lanterns, I had my heart set on those! I'm not sure about the price of sparklers. Awhile back I saw someone posted aRiu price sheet on the forum. I do remember the prices for extras being very high.
  4. Congrats ladies! I know it is stressful not being able to talk to the WC. The best thing you can do is look on this forum and you will find most of the answers you need. The brides on this forum are awesome!!
  5. Does anyone know if they allow sky lanterns at Riu Palace?
  6. I agree! A friend of mine did aTTD in Riviera Maya, and she said she got her dress dry cleaned and it was fine. She even wore it again to her AHR. Hers was chiffon, mine is satin. Not sure if it would dry clean as easily?!
  7. Great thread! We were in Cabo two years ago, and our favorite place was Maro's shrimp house.
  8. We are getting married June 22 at Riu palace. Got an email yesterday from Sakura that they are no longer taking reservations for the week of our wedding due to the G20 conference. Two of my bridesmaids and several other friends and family will not be able to go now
  9. I am kind of on the fence about the bracelets. At first I was totally against them, then I saw one bride post her pics and she had on her Riu bracelet(it was tan) but it was kinda like it was part of the memory of having a DW. I dunno......
  10. Great website! I just pinned it to pinterest! Thanks for sharing!
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