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  1. Wow everything looked absolutely stunning! Congrats
  2. Honestly this is an amazing planning thread. Thank you so much for sharing
  3. I went with white. My flowers and the Groom/GM shirts are white too and I wanted to make sure that everything matched
  4. This is exactly what I was looking for..great thread! As soon as I have my playlist I will post.
  5. WOW!!!! This is one of the best planning threads that I've seen on BDW. Congrats! Everything looked absolutely amazing
  6. Its gorgeous! Looks very light and like you mentioned glaming it up a bit will be the perfect touch.
  7. I'm yours is a great idea! I might have to use that one too
  8. I've ordered flowers from Angel's Accents as well. I totally know what you mean about the super cheap FI, lol. My selling point to him was that I'll be selling them after the wedding so this way we can at least make some of our money back on it - while getting the flowers that I wanted.
  9. Haven't heard that song in forever - what a great pick!
  10. Thanks for all the pointers. I've been debating getting this done for awhile but was always too scared.
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