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Thanks girls! I think Tania was just having me sign a contract if I decided to wait and pay in cash that day. 

I paid in cash that day, and she didn't make me sign contract. but again, maybe it's something new :-)

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Ahh okay. She seems super sweet and even though her video was in Spanish, I appreciated her sending it to me so I could get an idea of how things go. Nicole spoke really highly of her as have other BP brides. I'll tell ya my review after Aug. 10 :).

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Do you have to pay some sort of fee for tania to come to beach palace? I debating just going to her salon to save money but not sure if itis worth the effort. 


When you get a chance!





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Originally Posted by Nicolew412 View Post


Ok so I finally have some time to write a full review of my wedding week at Beach Palace. We arrived in Cancun on July 9th and left July 16th. We were married Friday- July 12th. 


Hotel Check-In: We had booked our trip through an outside agency and when we arrived at BP they tried to tell us that the agency had booked us a 2 double bed room and due to full occupancy there was no way they could give us a room with a king bed. I complained and said we brought 25 people to the hotel and it was our wedding/honeymoon week and there was no way we'd be ok with 2 double beds. They then offered us a king bed room but on concierge level for a total upgrade cost of $240.00. Normally concierge level room can be $50.00+ more per night, so for $240.00 total for the full week I thought it was worth it. We had one of the most amazing ocean view rooms plus concierge level has a bunch of upgrades. We had a keurig coffee machine in our room, a pillow upgrade menu, 2 free 25 minute massages in the spa, aromatherapy, IPOD dock, and a bunch of other small upgrades. It was definitely worth the $240 so we were pleased after-all. It was just a small bump in the road but it worked in our favor. 


Meeting with wedding planner- We met with Suzette, our wedding planner, at 10 a.m. on Wednesday- July 10th (2 days before the wedding). She has an office in their 2nd building across the driveway (where the ballroom is). She went over all the details with us and had me map out the seating arrangements for the reception tables and list the order of how all the groomsmen and bridesmaids would walk during the ceremony. I gave her all of my OOT bags and she made sure they were delivered to ALL my guests rooms ($3.00 charge per room for this). She also took my guestbook, CD's, and some of the extra reception decor and offered to set that all up for my free of charge. There's normally a $100.00 charge for this but because I had a small wedding (only 25 guests) she offered to do this for free. I thought that was very nice of her!


Rehearsal/Welcome Dinner- I had my private rehearsal dinner at the Tequila restaurant (on the outside terrace) on Thursday night (July 11th).  Margarita (my original wedding coordinator) had given me a menu of Mexican food to choose from for this dinner prior to leaving for Cancun, so the food choices were already picked out. It was a beautiful evening and the waiters were amazing. Suzette came by to check on me as well and met some of my family. There was no actual rehearsal though, which I was a bit disappointed about. I would recommend doing a rehearsal with your wedding party the night before (f they allow it), because it was a bit chaotic the day of. 


Wedding Day- My makeup artist (Tania Tagle) arrived around 11:00 a.m. on Friday- July 12th. She began makeup for my bridesmaids while my other bridesmaid started hair (I was lucky enough to have a hairdresser in my bridal party who is amazing so she did all my bridesmaids hair + mine for free). I played music, ordered a few bottles of champagne, and we just got ready all day. The photographer from Ocean Photo Studio arrived around 5:00 to 5:30 to take "getting ready" photos and introduce herself. She was in the boys room from 4:30 to 5:00 taking getting ready photos of them. Unfortunately, we began running really late so she didn't get the best photos of the girls since we were all running around trying to finish stuff. I was actually 20 minutes late to my ceremony LOL! It was supposed to start at 6:00 and I probably didn't walk down the aisle until 6:20 or 6:30. Not sure how this happened, but it was really chaotic there for a minute. One of my bridesmaids forgot her bouquet in my room and I realized I didn't have a key to my room, so my planner ran down to front desk to get a key, grabbed her bouquet, and deodorant and perfume for me (because I had forgotten to put it in during the chaos lol). She was amazing! As I was waiting to walk down the aisle, the bartenders on the sky terrace brought me a shot of tequila to calm my nerves! lol I was really nervous. It was also difficult walking up the stairs to the sky deck location (where my ceremony took place) in my wedding dress. I kept tripping over it. But once I got to the top, everything went very smooth. The minister was fabulous! We did traditional vows and had a symbolic ceremony. The music was all on key and the saxophone player was amazing! Because we were running late, the photographer did bridal party shots on the sky terrace instead of the beach. Around 7:30 my husband and I headed down to the beach for our photo shoot. I think normally they take the whole bridal party down for those photos, but since we were running late and the sun was going down, I think they decided to do those shots on the terrace instead. 


We were able to enjoy our cocktail party for about a half hour. It was 7:30 to 8:30. The food was amazing! But most of our guests were at the bar the entire time anyway lol. But everyone did rave about the food. JSAV also messed up and only had one speaker set up, when I had ordered two. But as soon as I pointed it out, they fixed it. A second speaker was set up right away. I just did the IPOD setup, no DJ and it went great. I definitely recommend getting a 2nd speaker, it made a huge difference! My dad acted as MC and announced the transition over to the reception tables for dinner. We had the BBQ buffet. AMAZING! Everyone thought the wedding food was the best food they had all week. We did first dance before dinner, and then had our dinner. We had a marble cake with chantilly cover. SOOO good! Everyone raved about the cake as well. And I was shocked how big it was! The cake was HUGE!!! I'll post pics of it at a later time. Our planner stuck around till about 9:30 p.m. which I thought was nice of her. The reception went until 10:30. Everyone danced and had a great time. Some of the groomsmen got pushed in the pool at the end of the night- got some great photos of this. As for decor- we did floating candles, purple lights until reception tables, and zuniga did the reception table decor. Everything was perfect and romantic! We heard such great things from out guests. They thought everything was beautiful! After the wedding, a few of us went out to one of the bars on the strip called Conga to continue the party :-) They also decorated our room with rose petals for our honeymoon and put some of our wedding cake out and had a different chocolate desert as well & had a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us. It was beautiful and romantic. The jacuzzi is a lot of fun ;-)


One thing I'd like to point out is my matron of honor lost her wedding ring at the hotel somewhere. She got her nails done at the hotel salon the morning of the wedding and took her ring off and placed it in her purse. The lady doing her nails watched her put her ring in her purse. When she was moving to another seat within the salon, the nail lady brought her purse to where she was sitting. She thinks between this time maybe the lady took her ring! It was worth $7,000 and I hate to blame a staff member of Beach Palace, but you never know who you can trust. I would recommend keeping all your valuable belongings in your safe. When my friend told the hotel they were very nice about it. They took metal detectors and searched the whole beach, but it never showed up. 


Restaurants- All the restaurants were amazing, except the morning buffet. The food was kinda gross, except the fresh made omelets and waffles. Those were good!! We went to Bocceli (the italian restaurant) twice. You have to dress nice for this restaurant. Very romantic! I recommend the filet mignon- one of my guests said it was the best steak they've ever had. Wok (the asian) place was really good too! Sometimes the food comes out cold, which was my only complaint. But if you ask them to warm it up, it's no biggie. The snack bars serve really yummy food too! And the steakhouse was great as well. I loved sitting outside here. We ordered a lot of room service too. the pizza was awesome! 


The staff was so amazing the whole trip. They bend over backwards for you and are so polite. We gave really good tips the whole time because we were blown away with the service. 


We did swimming with the whale sharks one day. So fun! Amazing adventure. It was $200 per person but so worth it. A couple of our guests did the dolphin swim and zip lining. They all loved it!


We also went to Moon Palace (boys golfed, girls swam) one day. Moon palace was nice to visit, but definitely recommend BP over MP any day. The beach was so beautiful at BP. We did boogie boarding, and they have jet skis you can rent. 


It was such an amazing trip overall! I can't wait to go back. Let me know if you have any other questions. 


- nicole

Great review! love the pictures as well, such a beautiful bride! 


-I am also surprised there was no rehearsal walk through!  Was this not discussed with the wedding coordinator? 

Also, for the iltalian and steak restaurants...were these places included with the all inclusive, or was it extra money to eat there?!

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Yes, Iâ€m paying the day pass for her. She is arriving at noon so we have time to play around with my hair and makeup. I wanted a trial-run with her, but didnâ€t want to pay the day pass twice so sheâ€s just going to come early so we have plenty of time. Iâ€m not sure where her salon is, but on the day of I didnâ€t want to have to worry about anything so Iâ€m staying put at the hotel.


The $98 in addition to her fee is kind of steep, but she's gotten rave reviews.



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