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  1. Wedding day is June 20th...Time is getting close! I just found out my on-site coordinator is Mariam. Any past brides on here that had her or any brides working with her now??
  2. Hello past brides!! I was curious to find out how long the ceremony actually lasts. I am doing a civil ceremony-does it last the full hour of what is the estimated time? Also, do the coordinators discuss vows closer To time and options or does the bride/groom have to inquire about the vows? Because all that has been asked to me was if we were exchanging rings/own vows. Thanks for anyone who can answer!
  3. Help! My photographer is unable to make my wedding anymore. So I need to find a photographer for moon palace wedding in June. Does any past bride has feedback on who they went with for pictures(so I can contact them), price, and/or how fast you got them back??? I hope I can find a affordable photography package to capture my day! If you can help, thanks!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Dondon84 Hi, Our wedding day was amazing :-) We got married at 4pm Tucan gazebo, 11th October 2013 We had our cocktail hour at the Tucan garden and dinner and reception on the Tucan terrace. All perfect :-) The horse and carriage is a must!! We had the mariachi band during the cocktail hour to keep guests busy while we had photos on the beach ect.. They were fantastic and very funny. Even played requests!! Weather was perfect, food was great, we didn't have to do anything but turn up!! Valeria was brilliant, we met with her the day after we arrived at the hotel. We went through the emails I had been sending our off site wedding coordinator (Brenda) and it was very easy. Valeria made us both feel very relaxed about the whole process, she was amazing. We took decorations eg.. Wedding favors, chair sashes, scatter crystals ect. . And Valeria set them up perfectly at no extra cost!! Extra fees weren't even discussed!! Valeria was at all 3 of our private dinners that we had set up and made sure everything was ok before she left. On the wedding day she stayed with us through the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and our reception. I can't recommend her enough, Valeria was brilliant We had PSAV for our audio package and dance floor. All was set up before the ceremony (4pm) very polite and would highly recommend We had Ocean photo studio for our photography and videography. They were great, so friendly. Did all the shots we asked for and so much more. Again I would highly recommend I will post pics soon xx Congrats!! That sounds like a perfect situation. SO glad you had a wonderful experience!!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by lastminbride Hi Julie, I just got back from there. Both terraces are beautiful. You can't go wrong with either. I'm not sure about the menus (I don't have them yet), but the main buffet option (Bugambilia buffet) is Mexican, and there is a Mexican speciality restaurant. So, you may want to consider that. Same goes for the Italian I guess (1 a-la-carte in Sunrise and the speciality one at the golf Course). I haven't heard about the event limit. I'm just now dealing with the contract, and would be forever grateful if you could send me the document with the people limit for a welcome Dinner (or any other document). I have asked multiple times if there are limits on the number of guests for the free events and they have said no. My email is hcwedding@comcast.net Thanks! Thanks! I would have LOVED to do a site tour, but it just wasn't in our budget. I bet it was wonderful experience for you! DId you get to see the actual location of where you will be married?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by shan0487 Thanks Shannon! I can't wait, it sounds like I can't go wrong either way. It just threw me off with the limit of guests. Is there really a limit for these events or did you see the same limit when you recieved your menu options? or maybe it is just a mandatory catalog listing? I'm not sure, because they made it seem like there wasn't a limit earlier in the process. Shannon-you leave soon for your trip...are you excited to return!?
  7. Hello Ladies!! Okay, so I am trying to decide on a welcome dinner location. We are staying at the sunrise section and I was given the option for terraces or inside ballroom. I am thinking venado terrace or the Tucan terrace. Any suggestions on which one or any reason not to go with those? Also, I am thinking about the Mexican buffet for this. Any advice on if the Mexican option is good? Same with the Italian (I am thinking about this for the actual reception). Also, on the document it states a 50 person max. but I am having more than 50 guests. Has anyone gone through this and were they limited to only inviting 50 people or did they have more than 50. I am not 100% that ALL of my guests will attend the welcome dinner, but I have to be prepared incase they do. I always say....better safe than sorry!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Dondon84 Hi, We get married at Moon Palace on 11th October 2013!!!!! Just been told Valeria Vera is our onside wedding coordinator. Has anybody had Valeria before or in contact with her now? Just wondered how she was during the whole process :-) Thanks Donna How did your wedding go?!!!
  9. Congrats! I am getting married June 2014 as well! What is your date? I am not doing either of those packages, just because I wanted to pick and choose different options. BUT I have seen pictures of the peacock and sultry sunset and it looks gorgeous! Which one are you leaning more towards? The photos I saw was posted previously on a forum, I just don't remember where or which one now..I'm so sorry
  10. Great review! love the pictures as well, such a beautiful bride! -I am also surprised there was no rehearsal walk through! Was this not discussed with the wedding coordinator? Also, for the iltalian and steak restaurants...were these places included with the all inclusive, or was it extra money to eat there?!
  11. I am not sure how to fill out that information or if there is a simple way, I am not at that step yet. However, I have heard that the wedding planners usually do not respond quickly until closer to your wedding day because they are focusing their time on present brides..and not to worry, because once your day is here, they will be fully dedicated to you as well! Does anyone know a contact for Zuniga? I contacted lily@decocancun.com about a month ago, and still have not gotten a response from her. Is this normal for them or do I just have a wrong contact? Thank you!
  12. Hello, I know after the 30 chairs, you have to pay per chair for the amount of guests you have. I am not sure about the extra tables, that's a good question!
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