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Message in a bottle ~ STD - Pricing Included

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#1 CherieY

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    Posted 17 September 2011 - 04:06 PM

    Original bottles

    STD Bottle

    Bottle in Luggage





    Directions Below:


    We have finally set the date, so I am just starting on my save the dates.  I found a great deal on the bottles at Party City.  They are currently clearancing out their summer invitations at 75% off, so I was able to get these "6 packs" of bottles at $3.24.  That means each bottle was $.54 each! 


    They come with the following:

    6 Invitations

    6 red ribbons (for fastening your invitation)

    Sand with a min lei

    Bottle & Cork

    Labels for mailing


    I got rid of the lei, invitation, mailing label and red ribbon.  Instead, I left the sand, added shells, ribbon, a custom invite and a label. 60 invites



    I created it in power point (power point allows you to rotate/recolor/edit)  by inserting different text boxes, changing the font and moving them around.  I inserted graphics that were existing in PP and recolored them to black/white to go with the simplicity of it.  Sometimes I would move items to the background if need be.  Once everything is where you want it, you can take the arrow, highlight it all, right click and scroll to grouping, group.  This will make it all one big graphic and you can copy and paste it, resize etc.  I did landscape and fit two per page.  I printed it on 65lb. cardstock that had fiber flecks for added detail.  ($12 Office Max for 100 Sheets)  I cut them apart with a paper cutter. 


    Putting Message in the bottle & "save the date" tag:

    I cut 60 pieces of turquoise ribbon (2 rolls for $.35 each at JoAnn Fabrics) I rolled each message with a pencil, took the pencil out, tied it with ribbon, while inserting the "save the date" tag (Office Max 2 packages of 100 shipping tags $6.29) then tying ribbon in a knot.  Next stamped (borrowed these from a coworker, but you can get them at hobby lobby for under $13 & inkpad was $5 at Hobby Lobby) the tag with SAVE THE DATE!  The tag will help your guests pull the message out of the bottle.



    I used a coat hanger to get all the leis out of the bottles and added shells. (Got some at hobby lobby for $4 and have plenty left, the sand dollars and starfish I ordered at qualityshells.com 100 of each for $20 total)  I then added some coconut oil on each cork ($3 at Michaels).  I wrapped some cord (Michaels $6) around the neck of each bottle secured with glue gun and glued on a starfish.  I bought some round labels (Gartner labels - Michaels 2 for $6 each for 40 labels & are horrible if you can pick other ones, I would) made the design I wanted and printed them out.

    **Note: I printed these incorrectly so many times because the templates they give you are not generic enough to edit, and a plain one does not give you an outline so you know where your text is going to fit on it.**

    I then put the labels on the center of the bottle (easiest part of making these).


    Now you can drop the "messages inside your bottle cork them and leave the tag hanging out.



    I ordered boxes online (Ebay, 9x3x3 $27), purchased ribbon (Michaels 9 rolls at $1.99 each), and foam for handle (Michaels 1 sheet $2).  I had FI fold the boxes, I cut the foam in 1' strips and then in 1/3rds.  I glued the edge of each foam to the center of the box, then I wrapped the ribbon around the box following a glue gun stripe and over the edge of the foam.  I used a knife to cut small slits through the ribbon, foam and box and then inserted the gold brads (Office Max 100 for $3).  Then I tied the tag to the foam handle, and glued it to the front of the box.  I printed out addresses in word like I was printing out labels that were 1x2 (printed on same paper as messages) Then I used some fancy scissors I already had to cut them out and used my glue gun to glue them on the tags.


    I used one piece of packing tape to tape the back shut, place a return label under the handle and sent those puppies off.  ($2.22 per box at the post office.)


    $ .54 Bottle

       .20 paper

       .01 ribbon for message

       .20 labels

       .21 tags  

       .03 ink pad

       .40 Shells

       .05 oil

       .10 cord

       .03 foam

       .05 brads

       .30 ribbon for boxes

       .45 boxes

    Total = $2.57 + 2.22 shipping = right under $5


    I Spent way to much, but I am excited to see what everyone thinks!









    #2 daizyduke

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      Posted 17 September 2011 - 06:32 PM

      That looks great!  You did a great job.  So creative.  I'm sure your guests are going to be so excited when they receive it. 

      #3 LindsayR

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        Posted 18 September 2011 - 06:10 AM

        You did such a great job! Everyone is going to LOVE them!!

        #4 TropicLover

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          Posted 18 September 2011 - 08:45 PM

          Wow I love these!  It sounds like a huge job, but totally worth it in the end.  I saw somewhere on here a bride using mini messages in a bottle for the escort cards....I love all the ideas ;-)

          #5 luvmoo

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            Posted 19 September 2011 - 04:28 PM

            These are great! I actually used message in the bottles for my actual wedding invitation :) everyone who got them RAVED about them... infact we sent them out a few months ago and we are still hearing about them... and how awesome they were.. and how it was the best wedding invitation they have ever gotten etc... 


            good job! they look awesome!!


            #6 jennaba3

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              Posted 20 September 2011 - 01:59 AM

              These are great! How do you deliver them? Do you deliver them personally?? xxx

              #7 beachgal2012

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                Posted 12 October 2011 - 03:53 PM

                these are so cute! you must have so much patience! it looks like this would take a really long time to put together!  good for you for doing such a wonderful and creative job. i'm telling you, some of the stuff that brides think and do on here is simply impressive!  love it all!

                #8 CherieY

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                  Posted 14 January 2012 - 04:41 PM

                  I used one piece of packing tape on the back to seal them and took them to the post office to be delivered!

                  #9 kellykanester

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                    Posted 14 January 2012 - 05:11 PM

                    these are sooo nice !

                    Happily married and now Mrs. West

                    #10 ANGELA2013

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                      Posted 14 January 2012 - 08:40 PM

                      You did a great job these are beautiful!!!

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