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  1. Thank you for the long review, it really helps to hear the information first hand!
  2. I will be there in a month, I will let you both know how it goes!
  3. I am going to get married at Whitehouse, and I cannot wait!!!
  4. I'll be honest, after speaking to Sandals wedding coordinator about the two hour reception I decided against it. They charge you for every table, chair, drink, decoration, EVERYTHING... You already get free food and drinks because you are at an all-inclusive, so I recomend having your free cocktail reception, see if since you have so many people you can get some freebies on that, and save the money. I am getting married there next month, and I wanted the reception too, it just is not worth the cost. I am having 20 people travel with us, and I am thinking we will not do the first dance and all that. Instead, we will just have a romantic dinner that evening, and meet everyone at the BAR for free drinks
  5. I would like to know this answer as well. I am getting ready for the same thing, and I also need song ideas!
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