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  1. All that is left is the Chapstick and 100 favour bags.
  2. Did you want the bags? The other person doesn't want them
  3. The charms will be gone but I am not sure and the bags. If I don't hear from the other girl about the bags tomorrow I will let you know
  4. I might have someone else interested but I will let you know for sure tomorrow
  5. Hi everyone, The prices listed are less then I paid and I am also willing to take offers. The items are located in Edmonton AB, but I am willing got ship anywhere. The pictures are in a post below These are the last items left: 2 packages of 12 chap stick unopened $12 100 Clear favor bags with white flowers $2 If you have any questions please message me
  6. I decided to not have a MOH but they still argue with me about it and still say that I can't do it this way and that I have to choose.
  7. Tanks for your advice ladies, it has been hard and gets worse all the time. Trina and Amber both argue with me about the reason they should be a moh, even though I have said that I want them all to be a bm so it's fair. They both say it's stupid that I won't choose one and that I have to pick, I am really hating this whole thing more and more. Erin is the only one who tells me it's our day and that what matters and that I should do what I want.
  8. It's funny that you say that and referencing her wedding because she didn't invite my fiance or child. She at first said it was a guest list thing and then I found out it was because she doesn't like my FI.
  9. They are from the dollar tree Quote: Originally Posted by KCDawn I'll take the purple brads if they're available! I have another bride interested in those, but if that changes I will let you know.
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