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Can you share the informtion on where you are going to do your photo share and the instructions?  This is a great idea!


Originally Posted by Trimalusta View Post

I was going to upload tons of photos, but I took them with my phone and didn't come out to well.


The bag I bought off amazom.com for $10 each.  They zip which I thought was great and have a water bottle holder and side pocket for smaller items.










In the bag in included:


bug spray

laynard with clear holder for room key


A "Turks & Caicos Suriviall Kit"

  - Pepto Bismol

  - Hand Sanitizer

  - Tylenol

  - Aloe Vera Gel (we are white and pasty)

 - Mini First Aid Kits

  - lip balm

  - Tide to Go pen


 A postcard to be used instead of a "guest book"

 Business cards with information on how to upload photos to our wedding photo share site

 T-shirts we had made

 Thermos aluminum water bottles

and shovel and pails for the kids

and ear plugs for my friends rooming with my friend who snores REALLY loud. :)


Our T-shirts (i forgot to take a photo of) are an homage to one of our favorite moives--The Sandlot! 


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I wish I could see more pics of your contents!  Im still trying to finish completing mine.  


Did you put anything with the postcard so people knew what to do with it?  I have already added our address label, but need to add correct postage and make up some type of attachment to let my goofballs know that I want them to use them and send back to us! lol

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Hi. I'll post them even though the quality is bad.  We wrote on our postcards to mail them from the states. and thanking everyone for being there, I did some sort of rhyme.   I dont think its legible on the photo. We gt the bottles really cheap as we are bargain shoppers and struck at the right moment!  We got the business cards on VISTA print (waited for a free sale) and it was the ocean and fishing rods with little fish.  We wrote "CATCH SOME GOOD ONES FOR US" as a heading and then used instructions:


Thanks for joining us on our special day, please upload photos for us all to share!

To upload and view all photos from our wedding please follow these instructions:

Log on to http://oursitename.shutterfly.com/
When prompted, enter the password: ****
Go to “Add†at right hand corner of screen
Click “Add Picturesâ€
Click “Add Album†(you will need to create a log in at this point)
Once logged in ,Click the “upload†tab
On the Upload tab, click the option “add pictures to new albumâ€
In the space provided, write “Your nameâ€s Photosâ€
Chose which photos youâ€d like to upload and click “Upload photosâ€


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The other item that says BEACHES on it was the laynard with the plastic card holder for the room key.  It also said "Your Passport to Beaches" which I kind of ripped off from DisneyWorld, but oh well! 

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Amazing!! Very Nice. Thank you for sharing....

Originally Posted by Trimalusta View Post

Oh, just incase anyone cares, the box for the 'Survival Kit' i bought at the Container Store for a little over a dollar each.  I have 10 bags to give out. 


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