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  1. Thats awesome! Which resort did you end up choosing?
  2. I've heard some airlines have a place to hang it for you, but not to count on it because sometimes they wont even if they've agreed to it prior. I'm having my dress steamed before I go and I'm just going to nicely fold it in half and put it in the above carry on area ontop of the luggage so it doesn't get squished. Then when we arrive I'm going to hang it in the bathroom and crank the hot water and do my own kind of steaming to get any wrinkles out of it from the flight. The lady at the dress shop told me that was the best way to go because you can't always count on the airline keeping it hung up for you. It also kind of depends on the material of the dress and if it wrinkles easily or not....hope that helps a little bit.
  3. any new information you guys have come across? How are the plans coming along for everyone? Has anyone thought far enough ahead photography wise? Having problems finding any out there and I'm afraid of what the resort photography might be like...
  4. I'm going to try and add our colors as much as possible to the OOT bags...but we'll see how that goes LOL. Can be so hard to find stuff in the right colors.
  5. If your willing to get a little spunky, orange and purple look AWESOME together! I definately agree that the boys have been the hardest to dress! My girls are in orange...but it's an off orange and there is no way I'll be able to find a shirt in the same color. Originally I figured I'd put the groom in Khaki pants/shorts and a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a boutonier (spelling? lol) and the groomsmen with the same thing minus the bout so they were slightly different. To my suprise, the groom HATES the look. I was so disapointed to say the least, especially after I got the " I don't care what I wear, I'll wear whatever you put me in"...and now I'm getting lip from all of them haha - no pants, they don't like the khaki blah blah blah...but they'll wear white suits which wont work because my dress is ivory, they will all stick out like sore thumbs. At this point we're somewhat agreeing on black shorts (im insisting on pinstrip to soften the look a bit), and a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and for the GM blue shirts and black shorts. Just struggling to decide whether the black is going to look okay...it's not exactly in our color theme lol.
  6. Never to early! I got engaged April of 2011 and found my dress in May 2011 - wasn't expecting to find anything when I went, I just wanted to see what I liked. With much hmmming and hawing I went for it and I think it might have been November (?) that I made my last payment and picked it up....Now for the best part....we don't even have a date set yet!! It's hanging in my livingroom calling my name. So definately not to early...at least you have a date set!! haha. I just look at it as one less thing to do when we do finally set a date.
  7. Yeah, when I was looking into pricing I was finding it pretty expensive as well. The first travel agent I talked to said roughly $1600/person in February, which I thought was fairly reasonable...only problem is I don't want to book through that specific company (heard some bad things about them)...so now I'm getting prices that are up past the $2000 range. ARG so frusterating! LOL In my research I have found you can book the packages through transat, but it's only certain resorts if I remember correctly. I've heard that when going through transat people have had problems when getting to the resort and getting what is supposed to be included, because it's not techinically through the resort so their hands are kind of tied if transat doesn't hold up there end of the deal with flowers, ceremony set up ect. Another thing I saw somewhere on here is that speakers and microphones and that type of thing aren't included either....again because thats through the resort....If I were you I would run these things past the travel agent and try getting more information. I could be way off, but I'm sure theres a thread on here I was reading where bride to be's were talking about the packages through transat and some people had more problems than anything. That's why I think I'm going to stick with the Melia chain because if you have 17 guests or more your package is FREE and it includes everything you could think of, minus a few things I'm sure but for the most part most things are included and it's super cheap to add the little things.
  8. Not sure if you ladies know but there is a website with information on wedding packages and extra services and whatnot I found helpful. It also has which Melia and Paridisus resorts have the free wedding package included! Definately worth checking out! http://www.weddingcubachannel.com/
  9. Melia Cayo Santa Maria is also one of our top picks. Really the only information I could find was off of the website and a few random wedding reviews on trip advisor...but keep in mind people seem to like to complain about silly things on there lol. Looks beautiful though! Our other choice is Melia Varadero which also has very little information to go on...ahhh so frusterating!!!
  10. youtube it! I plan to make my own veil and if you search around enough (on youtube and internet) you can find step by step instructions. it looks super simple and you can give it your own pizzaz.
  11. Thanks!! I'm super excited to do it, having a hard time not telling him about it! Can't wait to see his reaction.
  12. I completely agree with the other ladies! Granted you COULD suck it up for the big day, but the problem is it's not just one day it's a whole week - your wedding week at that. (which should be the week of your life, if I may add!!!) I should probably just bite my tongue on this one but if she's generally an attention seeker than she's going to be jelous that you and your man are getting all the attention so she may try and steal the spotlight....if you know what I mean (that sounded worse than what I meant....) For some people that wouldn't be a big deal, but when she already irritates you than it's just going to make it worse, and in turn you wont be enjoying yourself to the fullest - which you completely deserve! By the sounds of it your FI at one point was close with this person but that is no longer the case, seeing that you only see her and her husband once a year it really shouldn't be a huge problem she doesn't attend the wedding. Not to mention that if she was unpleasant to you and your family in the past than she shouldn't be there as far as I'm concerned. This is a time to bring your two families together, not make them uncomfortable because of a rotten egg hanging around. Maybe I'm just being harsh but I don't have any sympathy for people like that. The guestlist is definately a touchy subject though!!! LOL Luckily my FI really doesn't care who comes as long as we have a good time and there's NO drama! Which should be interesting since his family isn't a fan of my family (or me for that matter...) - we will be having a chat with them before we go about there "I'm better than you attitude" and hopefully things will work out!
  13. Another gift idea is a boudoir album if its within your comfort level. The photographers can be pricy but I think it's a neat sexy kind of gift. I'm having my best friends sister do my shoot (not as uncomfortable as a stranger - and much cheaper lol) and then have her pull him aside and deliver it the morning of the wedding so she can shoot pictures of his reaction. I plan to make the "for your eyes only" kind of album and add the pictures myself!
  14. Sorry ladies, been super busy with work and haven't made it on here lately. To be honest I'm not sure the designer/model and other color options because we bought them used. I believe the designer is B2 but I could be wrong...I'll have to get my sister to check her dress for me and I'll let you know!!
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