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  1. Hi , Has anyone booked a videographer yet? I have not seen Marcia Roberts work on video just yet.
  2. Hi, Has anyone used Marcia Roberts for Video? Id so can you post? Booked her for video however I have only seen slide shows and photos no video. I hope someone has something please. Thanks
  3. Amazing!! Very Nice. Thank you for sharing....
  4. Has anyone every had their wedding cake by them? She has amazing cakes however there is no way of contacting her. Its as if she only bakes for Hummingbird. I am looking for a great wedding cake. I have to say Iberostar's wedding cakes do not like amazing at all. Please help if you have any ideas or options for an amazing wedding cake.
  5. Hi Princess, I am considering inquiring about Tropical Weddings. I have about 100 guests booked at Iberostar Suites however I am starting to get second thoughts on having the ceremony there. I do not love the beach set up and people are just walking around and can be in your pictures. I also do not like the yellow lounge chairs on the beach near the ceremony. Iberostar has so many extra fees I wonder if it would be better to have it offsite like at the Aqueduct. Iberostar's package is $2100 plus $18 per person just for the ceremony. What are your thoughts? Maybe I should call Almerie.
  6. Hi Daisymable, Your wedding pictures are amazing. Where did you have your ceremony and dinner reception? That is was not the Iberostar property was it? I am getting married on July 1, 2012 with an est 80-90 guests and I am trying to figure how this will all come together.
  7. Hi, Amazing. Just amazing. I was also wondering about the fee for the offsite wedding.Did Nicole and Tiffany set up the offsite wedding at the Aqueduct? How did you get all your guest to the offsite wedding location. My wedding will be July 1,2012. I am expecting about 90 guests. The only option Iberostar suites is giving me due to the amt of ppl for the reception dinner is Aunt Ruby's steakhouse!!! I'm so worried. Can you send me the info onthe details for the Aqueduct? Congrats and Thanks!! Charene charenestewart@yahoo.com
  8. Hi IslandBride201x, I will marry my best friend July 1, 2012 at the suites. I am using Marcia Roberts. I encourage you to call or email her for a quote. I hear she is amazing and her prices are great! You can tell her I referred you( Charene Iberostar Suites wedding July 1, 2012). www.jamaicanphotography.com I just gave her my deposit last month.
  9. Hi, No you do not get a credit I do not believe. I am going there on October 20th to have a meeting and go through the details. I believe in the package it is either a couples massage or the 12 free pictures? I will take the couples massage. I have to check that out again. Regarding the florist I will use the bouquet for the bridesmaid, I will use the buttonhole for the groom, and the center piece for the table which all comes in the package. Everything thing else my bouquet, the huppa flowers, flowers for the entrance to the ceremony and center pieces I will use the florist for. Note the flowers on the huppa are not real flowers. Both the florist and the photographer pay their own vendor fee. Let me know if you have any other questions. Sorry for the delay. Thanks Jade28 ( Charene)
  10. Hi, I am using Godfrey as well for my July 1, 2012 wedding. He responds to all emails promptly as the time. I am also using Marcia Roberts for the photography and video. Her prices are amazing and she is super nice. You should contact her.
  11. Hi Lezlie, I am getting married July 1, 2012 at the Suites and groom and I will be at the Grand. Yes, everything is expensive for the extras. I am working with an outside florist name Godfrey Guy in Montego bay. His email is GodfreyGuy1@yahoo.com 876.509.2952. He is very reasonable and some brides on here have used him. You can tell him I referred you. I will have him do my huppa, centerpieces, my bouquet and the corsages for the moms. The outside photographer I am using is Marcia Roberts 876.280.9636 www.jamaicanphotography.com. Good Luck!! Charene Stewart charenestewart@yahoo.com
  12. I would also try Marcia Roberts. I am using her for my July 1, 2012 wedding at Iberostar. She includes the a video cd as well as trash the dress for day 2. You should really contact her as well : portraitspecialist@hotmail.com and here is here site: www.jamaicanphotography.com. There are a few brides on here that have used here. Once you go to her site you will see the iberostar brides as well. You can tell her I referred you over to her. Good Luck! Charene
  13. Thank you your pictures are amazing!! Congrats! I am in the process of booking Marcia for my July 1, 2012 wedding now. Did you do the trash the dress the next day? Sorry but I have a ton of questions: Did you use the hotels florsit? Were they expensive? Did they also do your center pieces? How was Marcia to work with? Did you have a DJ? How was he? I look forward to your reply. Thanks !!
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