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True Companion - Marc Cohn

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So last night FI and I are busting our butts to get our wood flooring installed when this song comes on the radio that I heard once before but could never find, nor ever heard again. So all hammering and nailing stops, and we turn the radio up. This morning I get to work and google 'true companion'. Turns out we might have found our wedding song! It's great. Here are the lyrics


True Companion - Marc Cohn


Baby i've been searching like everybody else

Can't say nothing different about myself

Sometimes i'm an angel

And sometimes i'm cruel

And when it comes to love

I'm just another fool

Yes, i'll climb a mountain

I'm gonna swim the sea

There ain't no act of god girl

Could keep you safe from me

My arms are reaching out

Out across this canyon

I'm asking you to be my true companion

True companion

True companion


So don't you dare and try to walk away

I've got my heart set on our wedding day

I've got this vision of a girl in white

Made my decision that it's you allright

And when i take your hand

I'll watch my heart set sail

I'll take my trembling fingers


And i'll lift up your veil

Then i'll take you home

And with wild abandon

Make love to you just like a true companion

You are my true companion

I got a true companion

True companion


When the years have done irreparable harm

I can see us walking slowly arm in arm

Just like the couple on the corner do

'cause girl i will always be in love with you

And when i look in your eyes

I'll still see that spark

Until the shadows fall

Until the room grows dark

Then when i leave this earth

I'll be with the angels standin'

I'll be out there waiting for my true companion

Just for my true companion

True companion

True companion

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I also love this song. Good pick.

I tried to convince my FH to have this as our song as well but he disagreed. It makes me cry when I listen to it. So it'll make our playlist for later in the evening.

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I picked it for my Best Friend to use as her first dance song, lol so I can't use it as mine. FH does not like it anyway, thinks its cheesy. I think its beautiful.

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This is going to be our song!! :) My Fiance played it for me as he has the Marc Cohn CD and we both started crying and both loved it. It's the background music on our wedding website!

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