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Now Sapphire Weddings Formerly Paradisus Riviera

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Originally Posted by meganwitt View Post


For past brides or ones that are close,


I am thinking of bringing a polariod camera to use as my guest book. In addition to the cake table do we get another escort card table or guest book signing? 


Thanks Tara and Mollyes for information on photographer. Guest day passes are $75 per person right? 


Thanks ladies! I'm down to 10 months, whoo hoo!!


We had a small table that had our guest book & some photos on it.  The cake came out on another small table for the cake cutting.


If I recall the guest passes are $65 + tax, check the wedding guide it is listed there as well.

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Originally Posted by TaraB View Post


hi gals,


I have a bunch of questions I'm hoping some of you can help me with:


-Does anyone happen to have copies or pics of the a la carte menus from the resort? 


-the website says that the 'unlimited connectivity' app is coming soon in 2014.  Has anyone heard specifically when (what month) it will be active for the Sapphire?  I'm getting married in late Jan and am wondering if it will be working by then.


-i am planning on bringing a bunch of my own decorations.  does anyone know if i will be charged for setting up the following items (and if so, how much):

        -table cloth overlays

        -satin napkins

        -pearl and rhinestone confetti for reception tables

        -chair bows

        -fabric to hang from the huppa

        -starfish and twine to hold back fabric on the huppa

        -round paper lanterns (in ballroom)

        -silk rose petals for the aisle.

        -table numbers

        -place cards



I'm also planning to bring a special 'card/paper' to be given to each person at check-in which has all of the wedding events/locations/times etc.  will they charge me for that if they just have to give it out at check-in?  (people are arriving over several days)


just over 5 months to go!!  getting excited now!!   42 booked already!!   cheesy.gif


I believe you would only be charged $1 per chair bow, send this list to Anel or Ramon they will tell you the fees.  We brought place cards, favors, menus, center pieces & guest book & were not charged for any of this.  We did bring bows for the chairs & lanterns for the perguloa on the Tequila Terrace.  They did want to charge us to do these, but my friends did them so there was no fee.


We had the front desk had out letters to each guest at check in & there was no fee.  A few things you should know.  Letters must be in envelopes & have the regstered guest/guests first & last name on the outside.  All guests must be the same level, example preferred.  All of ours were prefered not sure if the regualr front desk will do this or not.

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We have the date booked for May 24, 2014!! :) I have a long time before I have to start planning out little details but am too excited and want to figure everything out! I was wondering what past or future brides are doing about photography. I'm thinking I for sure want a photographer other than the resorts but we have a tighter budget so the gorgeous photos by delsol won't be an option either.. haha Also I am wanting to order some flowers the resorts seem to be a little overpriced.. 
I am getting married on the 15th and have been trying to work out a budget too... One suggestion I read was to get flowers from an off site vendor and meet them off of property to avoid the extra fee then having a friend or family member set them up

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Hi, Honestly, there isn't much for you to do or worry about once you're there. All I stressed about was the weather - which ended up being great. Otherwise, you don't really have anything to do because Anel takes care of it all. That said, running around after guests was EXHAUSTING. Thank goodness most people totally expect you to be busy and so they aren't as demanding of your time. But still... I found that to be the hardest part of the whole wedding! For your questions - there was no additional charge for changing ribbon color or other slight modifications. We used the one hour with the resort photographer to capture the speaches at the rehearsal dinner. We used Amorcito Corazon Studios for the wedding ceremony/reception/get ready. They were AWESOME. I don't have their pics back yet but I loved working with them. They are a super cool, young couple and they had great personalities and worked their butts off. AND they were $500 cheaper than the resort photographer (we got a price for the resort photographer for the whole afternoon/evening plus a second photographer and it came out to about $2300). We did have to pay extra for them to come on site and had to buy them dinner (but that's standard anywhere). I highly recommend them. We had a big group - 120. You can see some pics in previous posts - just scroll up or look under my name. My main review is here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86945/just-returned-from-now-sapphire-wedding-in-a-word-fabulous
I saw on your pictures that you had paper lanterns strung over the terrace.. I really like that look. Did you bring that or rent the decoration from there?if so how much was it

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