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  1. Here are some beach terrace pictures from my wedding.[/img][/img]
  2. I got married on the beach terrace on August 17th. It was the perfect location for my crew of 46 guest. My wedding was at 5pm. The pool crowd didn't bother me one bit and they were not in any of the pictures.
  3. I did a Welcoming Party. It was an all you can eat barbeque buffet and open bar for two hours. The food was great and it was a private affair. It came with a hefty cost of $2000 for 46 people.
  4. My wedding was on the beach terrace as well. I GAVE RAMON MY IDEAS and decorations and he bought my vision to life!:-) It was absolutely beautiful
  5. I had the surf and turf and salmon for my entrees and they were both great!
  6. I actually used silk flowerers for my bridesmaids bouquet. I did not use any additional flowers and it was beautiful. I bought my own satin overlay for the table, satin table runner, satin napkins, rhinestone napkin ring holders and centerpieces.