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  1. My daughter got married at Sapphire in October. We used the resort photographer. If anyone would like to see the pics just let me know. I have [sharedmedia=core:attachments:29906 them in an album on facebook.
  2. We bought a Harmon/Kardon bluetooth speaker. It was great! I have seen posts saying the Bose speakers were good also, but we went ahead and spent the extra for the Harmon/Kardon. As for the lanterns, I was able to fit 5 lanterns in one suitcase with the linens that I took. Just used lots of bubble wrap and used the linens to pad everything. Of course I had to iron after we got there, but that didn't take long and they have an iron and ironing board in the rooms, I took all of my receipts in an envelope for customs, but didn't get stopped. I had two extra suitcases of wedding stuff and the airline only charged me for 1 extra on the way down. On the way back I was able to fit one suitcase inside the other, so only had 1 extra. Carried the speaker on as my husbands' carry-on.
  3. chair sashes - Wholesaale Wedding Chair covers 60 for 55.54 (including shipping) napkins 30 for 48.30 (including shipping) Nice quality and the only place we could find the perfect color of coral! grey and white chevron table runners - Wedding Linens.com $12.00each (thought I paid $6, but I was wrong!) barefoot jewelry - these were beautiful! JewelrybyAngel on Etsy Yae
  4. I think you might have to have poles...I really didn't see any other way, but I wasn't looking for one either, so maybe I'm wrong.
  5. I suggest you take cake boxes because everybody is full and nobody ate the cake! I had heard that and so I took little boxes and plastic forks(blinged out, of course!) and everybody took cake back to their room for a late night snack! They all loved it!
  6. We did the Divine package, but not a lot of extras. Like I said, we took most of the linens and centerpieces. Just did flowers from the resort. We didn't have a DJ, just a bluetooth speaker and an Ipod. Flowers were our splurge. We also just added two hours to the photographer but didn't up the package, hoping to talk them down on the photos. I even took the large starfish for decor because they wanted $20 each to rent!
  7. We took the napkins, chair sashes, table runners, lanterns for the centerpieces, and the wooden V's for the centerpieces, and of course the thank you gifts and cards. We used the resort for the flowers. I ordered 1 bridesmaid bouquet,1 extra boutonniere, 4 centerpieces,flowers for her hair and the cake, and a lazzo. They charged 783 total for all the flowers not included in the package. We had 27 adults and 2 children and the total bill was 4370.26 (Plus the $500.00 deposit) We did not go with a DJ because we only had 28 people. I bought a bluetooth speaker and it worked great! I did not pay for any extra lighting....their prices were outrageous! We had the lanterns on the table and it was perfect...didn't really need any more. I kept the final bill if you want to know prices on anything else. Let me know! Those pictures really don't do it justice...it was beautiful! The colors seem dull in the pics. Oh, and I found the table runners on Etsy for $6 each! We also took the silver chargers....at his mothers" insistence...I'm not sure if they would have used chargers or not.
  8. I have 32 coral organza chair sashes and 25 coral satin napkins if anyone is interested.
  9. We had the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. Had a toast on the terrace and John and Katie grabbed a few bites and then we did a group picture and family pictures. Had dinner shortly after pics were done. I took cake boxes and plastic forks and they boxed it up after the cake was cut and passed them around on silver trays for people to take back to their rooms. I had read somewhere that nobody ate cake because they were too full from dinner and dessert. They were right! Everybody took cake back to their rooms for a late snack!
  10. Just got back from a week a Sapphire! My daughter's wedding was perfect! Juan Carlos did an amazing job! I have no clue how to post pictures here but I wish I did! We used the resort florist and the flowers were beautiful! I took some back to my room after the reception and they still looked great when we left today!(I passed them off to someone staying a few more days!) They did a beautiful job on the girls' hair and make-up! We took a Harmon/Kardon bluetooth speaker and it was great! We included a lazzo ceremony and the Lazzo was beautiful! We used it on the sweetheart table with the centerpiece. The officiant did a wonderful job incorporating it into the ceremony! If you can tell me how, I will add some pics!
  11. We booked Apple Vacation through a TA and were comped about 30 days out. They just refunded back to the card we paid with. It was a nice chunk and a nice surprise!
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