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Leda's (Sweetle) Royal Playa del Carmen Planning Thread 6-24-11

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Thanks to all the brides before me- your planning threads and tips were so helpful! Iâ€m sure I stole an idea from everyone- so Thank-you for sharing! Special thanks to the RPDC forum brides, for your site specific tips and all the wonderful reviews and pictures you have shared. 9-days to the big day! Wish me Luck!



My fiance and I have been together for over 5 years. He proposed in early September of 2010. He had been out of town several times (for several weeks) over the summer and had the ring for months- before he finally had the chance to pop the question. He kind of just spit it out! But I love him for always being himself- and it was totally him.

Hereâ€s my bling J It still takes my breath away at times. It was kind of hard to get a good picture.



Bands we chose



The Location

Playa del Carmen, MX

We chose Playa del Carmen for simple reasons. We wanted a great all-inclusive that was affordable for all our guests. We also wanted a gorgeous location. It fits both.

Travel Agent

Beach Bum Vacations-Steve

BBV has been a life-saver for us! We have had so many changes in guests & rooms. Millions of questions and our TA has been very patient and extremely helpful. I cannot imagine doing a destination wedding without a TA. Iâ€m glad we chose BBV. Review to follow after the wedding.


Save the Dates

Looking back. We should have spent more time- to make these more “destination wedding likeâ€. We were in a hurry and they were ordered on vista print. We only did a 9 month engagement so not a lot of time to get e-pics done and save the dates out and give people as much notice as possible.





The Dress

Mori Lee-1606

Didnâ€t believe the whole- you will know itâ€s the one until I put it on. There was no looking at other dresses after I found it. I fell in love J Sorry ladies, my MOH has all the pics of me in it. So this is the model, of course.


My dress.jpg


The girls dresses

Victoriaâ€s Secret

$$ Saver tip if you like this dress (every season Victoriaâ€s secret e-mails the coupons for $75 off $200, 50 off $150, etc, so we ordered all together). This is a multi-way dress. Iâ€m leaving it up to the girls how they wear it.

Bridesmaid dress.jpg


Girl's Jewelry




Fianceâ€s suit-Jcpenny


His suit.jpg


His shoes

-- My one concession, he loves Jordans. He had to have these! LOL.




The guys apparel-JcPenny (all with coupons for 20% off)

White shirts, khaki linen look pants

(same pants as fiance) 





Hair Flower-- etsy



Jewelry- etsy-Crystal Avenues




Bouquet Charm-etsy-







Clutch-jcpenny & Shoes from 6pm.com






Dancing Shoes/Flip-Flops- Victoriaâ€s Secret.com with shoe clips from absolutely audrey



continued on next post

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everything looks beautiful...I HAVE THE SAME DRESS!?!  you're the 2nd bride on this site that i found that also chose that mori lee design...looks like GREAT minds think alike!  i need to start my planning thread but i'll have to do it closer to my departure..there's still SOOOOOO much left to do...


good luck, your big day is coming soon!!!  woot2.gif



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Bouquets/Bouts  (made by mmm

Made by a family friend







Most of my projects are done in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Iâ€m still a newbie and I canâ€t post templates yet- but here are pics of my projects. If you are interested, PM me with your e-mail address for details/templates.


Sand Ceremony Frame




Pre-Travel Brochure (vistaprint)


















Bag Tags




OOT Bags




First Aid Kit Stickers






OOT Bag Contents

We wanted to put everything in our OOT bags in the beginning, but we needed to cut back on spending so these are the contents that made the cut.

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits

$$ Saving Tip

-- If you want these kits, find coupons and start early. I found the coupons online for $1.50 off 2 Red Cross items. These are 0.97 at Target. SO I bought 2 at a time @ about 0.25 each. Great deal. Totally worth the effort. I spend a lot of time at Target anyway.


Customized Playing Cards from the Knot

Our Splurge @ $3.00 each after sale


Yankee Candle On-the-Go Spray

Room air freshner!

$$ Saving Tip

--Sign up on the website for the e-mails. You will receive a coupon for $10 off $25 purchase. I also found the sprays on sale @ buy 2 get one free. They are normally 3.99 each. I got them for 1.93 each after these discounts.


Hand sanitizer

3 for $1 at Dollar Store


Cottonelle Wipes & Clorox Wipes

Splurge @ $0.97 each at Target


Shout-Out wipes

Coupon for 0.55 off. Package for 2.99 @ Target


Actual Bags

White paper “bakerâ€s bags†3.99 for 12 at Michaels. Always use some coupon at Michaels J


Tylenol Packets & Blistex (3 pk)

Med-Co health store with $10 off coupon (google) & they have 0.99 shipping


Propel Packets



I already packed the bag contents so here is a pic of just the "fresh & clean kit"




Reception/Ceremony Details




Organza chair sashes @ $5.90 for 10. I ordered Fushia and Royal.

Satin Table runners @$2.68 each

Shipping was expensive $9.96, but everywhere else that I looked required larger orders.


Fuschia Frames

Great Find @ Marshalls! 7.99 each. They are gorgeous but heavy. So far I am only bringing one for the guest book table. To keep our luggage weight down.




Shutter fly (Photo Album)



That is just about everything I think. I had to start over three times due to the computer freezing with all these pic uploads. I will definitely be posting a review when I return with better pics of our OOT bags put together and our table set-up.


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Wow everything is so beautiful!  Wishing you an amazing wedding and lifetime of happiness. 

I too am doing paper OOT bags...I see that you have your logo on their, may I ask how you were able to do this?  Thanks

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I printed the logo on clear sticker paper from staples (comes in 8.5 by 11 sheets), cut them out and applied them. I was able to print 2 per sheet.

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