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February 2012 Brides!!!!!!

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Yeah they are quite cool! apparently they are big in Japan and china and such, for celebrations.. and they are apparently starting to get big here too! Here i was thinking we were pretty smart and doing something soo cool and original, and then lately all of these movies have been coming out where they are doing it! hahah oh well! i am still quite pumped about them :)

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I am so pleased to say that I have basically FINISHED my OOT bags.  My mom and I made a trip to the US Thursday and Friday and we made some MAJOR scores.  We are "slightly" over what we budgeted for but I got 50% of the items I wanted to put in for significantly cheaper than I expected to spend.  About $800 later.... (we got EVERYTHING) I crossed the border DUTY FREE!!!!!! For the first 20 minutes driving home I kept saying to mom, are you sure they didn't want us to pay duty??? Are the police going to come for me?!   The boarder guard actually laughed at me when I told him I was shopping for my wedding goodie (didn't think he'd understand OOT) bags and that I had spent $800!!!!! Honesty pays off ladies!!!!! 


Anyways just had to share, because FI just doesn't get as excited as you guys do!!! I also was able to track down the infamous dollar tree beach bags!!!! Thanks to mom's persistence and 5 Dollar Trees we were able to track down 35 of them, 34 at one store... obviously the last one we tried lol


Here are a few pictures off all my OOT







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hey Torilynnsmith,

My Mom and i are now thinking about taking a trip to the states... and what stores did you go to? Big lots and the dollar tree?? 


please let me know as i would be all over getting some of those awesome scores!! :)

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That is so exciting!!!!! It was definitely worth it.  Here is the breakdown I posted in another thread




Big Lots - never been here before but glad I went in

-individual gatorade packages box of 8 for $2 (couldn't get these at 4 grocery stores, 2 targets and 1 walmart so was very excited, just be sure to check expiry dates as my wedding is 7 mos out I had to keep thinking of that for any meds etc.)

-8 notebooks for $2

-8 bic crystal pens for $0.95

-4 2oz hand santizers (2 in each pack with aloe) for $1.50



-Bubba Kegs!!!!!!! My best find 32oz kegs for $6.22 (regular $15+ in canada) and 18oz tumblers for $4.98 (regular $11+ in canada)

-pepto chewable tablets, I first bought the 12 tablets packs because I was going to leave them in the boxes and give one per bags but I couldnt find enough.  These were $1.72 for 12 tablets, I ended up getting the 48 packs (walmart or target) for $4.49 - better deal and I am just going to put 2 sheets (12 tablets) in each bag 

-Tums 3 rolls for $1.92



-key card holder zipper proof water resistant pouches pink, blue, green and grey $1 bin

-mini altoids (mints) $0.99

-Advil 10ct travel packs $1.97

-face cloths 8 pack for $3.49 (I have read on trip advisor that our hotel has hand towels but no face cloths, just thought it would be nice addition)

-Blistex with 15SPF $0.84 each

-Nail polish remover wipes individaully wrapped 10 pack for $2.69

-Shout wipes larger 12 pack for $2.69

-Johnson & Johnson First Aid kits (also available at Walmart) $0.97


Dollar Tree

-Beach bags $1 a piece

-Pedicure/Manicure kits --not using these in my OOTs (though they would be good I have to be careful not to go overboard) they are for my best friends bachelorette party swag bags!



Just to add to this, I stopped into Superstore and Walmart today just to compare some pricing to see if I really did get good deals or if I just got carried away.  I started thinking I didn't need to buy my hand sanitizer etc down there BUT when I started comparing prices I was SHOCKED at the difference.

The 48 ct pepto at Walmart here was $9.98 approx, the blistex I got were $2.99 EACH!  Advil 10cts I didn't see but I know on another thread one bride mentioned she got some for $2.99 and $3.99 (tylenol) at walmart here!  Also, the gatorade was really hard to track down, I lucked in at Big Lots but be sure to check expiry dates!!  I went online amazon, ebay, minimus to see about ordering some more since I didn't get enough and they wanted at least 3x and more what I paid for them!!! I knew I got a good price but I never thought that I would have to pay 3x + for more.  I think I am going to hold out and make another trip in August maybe......


I am thinking I should start my OOT bag thread soon as I would hate for some of my fellow brides to miss out on some great finds!!!


Let me know if you need anything else!!! Your OOT thread has been so inspirational so I am happy to make some suggestions!!!


woot.gif Yay for OOT bags, I am so excited for my guests to get them, it is going to me hard to wait the 7 months!!!!!!

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Great job! You found a lot of great stuff! I will have to start looking at these places too. I am about 7 months away, and have barely started my OOT bags. I'm dying to get them going, but I am TOTALLY clueless on how many people are coming! So far only our immediate family has booked and said they are coming. Everyone else seems to be taking their sweet time!

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