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All the bouquets are gorgeous, thank you for sharing!


I started working on mine a couple of months ago. My mom has been helping out a lot (I'm  not very crafty!)


We are using a drill to twist/braid the wire, it is SO much faster and a lot easier on my fingers.


I will weave the wire through the brooch pin, string the end through the pin to make 3 strands and tighten the top with pliers.  I then open the chuck of the drill place the three strands into the drill and tighten it back up and gently tap on the trigger while holding the brooch in place. I was nervous at first tht it would wreck the brooch, but it's done no harm. Make sure that you have cut the bottom of the wire to make 3 seperate strands, otherwise it won't work as well.



I'll be sure to post some pics of my progress!



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Mine is surprisingly sturdy, so even if i packed it among my clothes in my suitcase, I think it'll be okay. I might do a small box with my bouquet and the two BMs bouquets, maybe surrounded by clothes or bubble wrap.


But we're driving to FL to get on the ship, so I don't know if I'd do this if we were flying. If we were flying, I'd probably try to carry it on, even though this thing is HEA-VYYY!

Originally Posted by AD2012 View Post

How are you ladies planning on packing your bouquets?


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