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  1. I've heard good reviews about the resort salon so I'm going to book with them for hair and make up.
  2. I agree, I don't know what I'd do without All this extra info! I'd still just be waiting for it to be sent to me. I have soooo many question! Lol
  3. @, The cocktail hour for a reception is $25 pp, from 8-10 pm, this years price. They call it " Open bar " I think it's better option for me because I wasn't going to have a reception because it cost too much. Didn't know until a short time ago about this option. It's way more affordable. We can have our semi private dinner at the restaurant and then go to the beach! If We can play music off our own sound system that we're bringing, then it's totally affordable! But I didn't know it was $1800 for a dance floor! Holy crap! So who knows, I'm still indecisive.
  4. Yes, it's a private group. Grand Riviera Princess Weddings. Search it and join. There's lots of good info from people who have been married there.
  5. My wedding is Feb, 25 2015. 4:00pm I picked my cake and dinner at La Fondue. Oh and the cocktail hour after the ceremony. That's it. I'm making my own bouquet ( Brooch ) and going to attempt the wedding parties flowers and boutinieers so I'm holding off on ordering those. I don't think they're too worried about how soon you pick. I've heard of people arriving and changing their minds about things. Actually I wasn't sent much info. I was told I'd get it all when they have their prices for 2015. I've been getting all my info and prices from people on these sites. T
  6. I walked up to the Chill Out beach once at around 4 and it was dead. Saw one couple in a lounge chair. I have hardly made any decisions. The most important thing is the restaurant but you have already done that. I paid my deposit back in January.
  7. @, My fiancé looked at both gazebo pictures and pointed to the sunset one and said " I want that one! " I was leaning towards the Riviera because a watched two weddings there. He insisted on the Sunset. I said no problem Groomzilla, the Sunset it is. But looking at the reviews I like the privacy better at that one anyway. So many lookie loo's at the Riviera @@julieapril2014, Did you have a place to plug your Bose sound system in or was it rechargeable? That's what I'd like to use instead of a DJ.
  8. Ok, I'll let you know if I get any info. That's great that you're visiting the hotel in October. I look forward to what you have to say about it. I'm curious to know if the platinum swim outs are close to the beach and if the pool gets sun all day. At the old Yucatan it was in the shade for most of the day.
  9. Yes, I would like to see what the new resort has to offer for weddings. I'm in the process of trying to get one family member moved over there right now. He was the only one who booked outside of the adult only section. I wish I had know at the time, I would have made sure he got into the same section. I don't want him to be excluded if everyone wants to hang out at the new resort. The new one is a lot more expensive so it will probably cost him to change
  10. Thanks veryvalero, I'm kinda in limbo right now because my wedding group was moved over to the new resort and there will be more wedding options at that resort. As of Sept the Yucatan Platinum section will no longer be adult only. The new resort is all adult only and if you want your wedding there, all your guest must be staying there. The rest of the resort won't have access to it but all the guests there have access to the Riviera & Sunset areas.
  11. Did anyone have a reception without a DJ and just brought their own music to play?
  12. What are some favourite or popular drinks at the resort that any of you have had beside traditional mojitos and margaritas? After a few days I find I'm looking for something different.
  13. @julieapril2014, Did you have the swim outs in the Yucatan adult only section or the regular? If you were in the regular, did you get to choose what side you wanted. Riviera or Sunset? I was going to book the Yucatan because it's Platinum and I really enjoyed the extra perks it offered the last time we were there but the swim out rooms were in the shade most of the time and the pool was cold. Mind you it was in January. I wish there were Platinum swim outs on the Riviera side because its in the sun.
  14. Thanks Nikki! we're flying Westjet Vacations so I'll see if they can do the same thing. I'm sure my guests won't have a problem finding a drink before hand. They can go to the Sunset Platinum lounge on the way down if need be. Oh, and I got the price of the cocktail hour. $15 per person. That's this years price thou.
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