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Wedding website?

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Hi there! I'm a photographer, and my partner and I offer custom wedding websites for our clients. It's really handy because they don't have to worry about learning how to set it up or anything. And once the photos are ready, we just post them online.

We're even developing a system where we can add a photo gift registry to their site, so friends can make a donation towards the cost of their photography, or buy them a print or an album. 

I don't know if many other photogs are offering this sort of thing, but it never hurts to ask them! :)

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If you want to have more control over the setup of your website try weebly.com.  It easy and free that's always a plus for me!

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Hi everyone, 


We are wanting to create our wedding website, but before we get started we need some advice...

Half of our guests speak Spanish and the other half English, so what do you think is the best option for us?? should we create two websites or should we just post in both languages in each section?? or is there a better option??


Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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