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  1. whatsup

    Guest list questions

    If many of my relatives were in the same continent I'd probably do as the others above, but mine are overseas so they wouldn't attend a DW.
  2. whatsup

    Unique Ceremonies

    Some fabulous ideas, will probably use bits and pieces of a few. thanks
  3. whatsup

    Children at Wedding

    A ceremony without the flower girl? If she is related that might be difficult to explain especially if you've already asked. She could do her duty and the go to the kids club for the reception. Guests should understand that.
  4. Love the finger/thumb print tree and coffee table book ideas.
  5. Love the wording for the guests.
  6. Would never have thought of the starfish for a boutineer, awesome idea, nicely done bouquets
  7. how nice and well organized.
  8. Sometimes the airline may offer a better choice, depending on how much stuff you want to ship, taking an extra check-in baggage, may be the easiest choice.
  9. I was going to bring some good quality fakes and get a trusted friend to add
  10. whatsup

    Gazebo Ideas

    didn't even think of this, one more thing to add to the list
  11. haven't picked a theme yet, like some elements of the vintage theme
  12. so many great ideas, i feel inspired.
  13. Don't have a theme selected yet, but this pop of colour sure has me thinking
  14. whatsup

    non-floral centerpieces

    A large flat dish with water and rocks, that you could colour to match your theme, with floating candles and maybe a few fresh flower petals. Saw this at a friends wedding