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  1. Thanks EV! Your photos are phenomenal! My husband and I had to do the TTD on the down-low as well. Our mothers were both fussing about it. We just did it and proved that everything would be fine afterward :-)
  2. Hello Ladies, I see a lot of posts asking about photographers at Adventures and there are a ton of posts in this thread about how awesome Anel is. I wasn't able to book Anel so was nervous about the quality of the other photographers on staff. I shouldn't have worried. I'd like to put a good word out there for Santiago Gabay as well. Our photos turned out phenomenal. He photographed our Rehearsal Dinner, our Wedding, and our Trash the Dress session. I am pleased beyond words. I follow him on Facebook and our sessions were no flukes: he is great! You can find him here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Santiago-Gabay-Photography/160623994092947 If you want to view all of our photos, they can be found here: http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/album.sflysid=2FcNnLVq3cQ&startIndex=0&fid=636a7a2c26a24b92 His assistant for our Trash the Dress was Frank Zamudio and I have been following his work on Facebook as well. He is extremely creative and anyone who has him should feel confident as well. https://www.facebook.com/UnleashedBoutiquePhotography We got to chat we these two quite a bit during our Trash The Dress session and it sounds like Adventures is pretty picky about their photographers. I wouldn't worry about your photographer! Good luck to all of you!
  3. I used my real wedding dress for our TTD shoot... we went to cenote caves which was crystal clear fresh water. The dress was cleaner after the TTD shoot than it was at the end of our wedding night! For any on the fence about doing this, I encourage you to ABSOLUTELY DO IT! In an amazing week full of fun, it still managed to be the highlight.
  4. Hey Vanessa! You should ask about it! When we booked it I assumed it would be at the beach or at the pool or something. The photographer made the offer to take us to the Cenote caves for a couple hundred extra dollars... I never would have even thought to ask. The TTD was a highlight of our trip... the caves were gorgeous and the atmosphere was so fun and relaxed.
  5. Thanks TyreBride! My photographer was Santiago Gabay: http://www.santigabay.com/ He was amazing!
  6. The lacey overlay on this is exquisite. Wow, I am a little jealous... I wanted a lace dress but also wanted something lighter so went with chiffon. This would have been a great compromise for me! It is sure looking good on you! Gorgous... the lace overlay on this is exquisite!
  7. Love this! The heart shape and detailing are fantastic!
  8. I loved my Maggie Sottero Reese!!!
  9. We went with the linen suit options at Men's Warehouse. They each could pick their own navy blue tie. I can't say I enjoyed the MW experience... we could only purchase the linen items at a certain time of the year but they didn't alert us to that fact when we visited. The prices also seemed to shift for the guys quite a bit. But, they looked good :-) The gals wore coral reef David's Bridal dresses.
  10. Thanks guys :-) If anyone is on the fence about doing a TTD session, I encourage you to do it. We did a lot of stuff our wedding week, but this photo session was the most fun we had!
  11. We were married about a month before our 10 year anniversary :-)
  12. Thank you! So do you! The Reese really really suits you well!!