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  1. I guess I can finally add our pictures way too many to choose from!!
  2. try this link for a free tote bag, hopefully it works!! http://www.vistaprint.com/free-tote-bags.aspx?&GP=11%2f24%2f2012+8%3a49%3a45+AM&GPS=2640126249&GNF=1
  3. Last February I got an email from vistaprint for free items which included the notepad, hat, pen and tote bag. I could only get one of each free item per order so yes I did 20 separate orders each including 1 hat, 1 pen, 1 bag and 1 hat and i believe I paid about $6 in shipping for each order. Which saved me a ton of money! So just make sure your looking out for those emails
  4. Our moms and both of our sisters each got their own special bags like this one The bridesmaids and groomsmen each got their own bubba keg in their bag in our wedding colors of course I wish I had kept track of how much I spent but everything was purchased over a year so it didn't hurt that much
  5. This was probably one of the first things I started as soon as we finalized plans for our cruise wedding. Thank you to everyone who has posted their OOT bags and has allowed me to steal their ideas I had to put them together even though we still have 3 months because I don't want to know what my fiance would have done if I bought 1 more thing for them lol The bag is of course from vistaprint and I did get them for FREE just paid shipping. At first I thought they were a little small but they fit everything in them just fine and actually will probably be a little easier to travel with. For the single guys travelling with us I purchased these off of ebay All my vistaprint goodies that were free just paid for shipping (bag w/ postcard, hats, notepad, pen, do not disturb door hanger, photo share card and magnet) Our biggest splurge were the water bottle from discountmug.com unfortunately they do not photograph well at all but are much better in person
  6. We are high school sweethearts and we will celebrate 10 years together right before we celebrate our 1st anniversary Our families have been pushing for this wedding for years!!! only 5 more months <3
  7. heres my wedding jewelry!! Love them bought them off of etsy from treasures570 she is awesome to work with!! My earrings will be my something borrowed from my future SIL they are small diamond and pearl earrings
  8. This looks so great!! Thanks for posting this I definitely just contacted this seller to have our own made, the perfect way to incorporate our dog who will not be there with us
  9. they are actually wearing gray suits with navy ties and the boutonnieres are hot pink roses with a navy ribbon (I'm getting married on a cruise ship so we're going a little more formal)
  10. finally posting a pic of my ring on here round diamond in a platinum setting, im in love with it and a picture of the side engravings
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