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Pictures of different areas at Moon Palace Hotel

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The Beach Palace is beautiful and the ocean is everything is beautiful there but there is not a lot of variety.  Meaning there are only 3 restaurants, and not a lot of different avenues to explore which is why we chose the Moon.  Having said that, weddings at the Beach are AMAZING.  See pix attached



The Sky Box on top of the hotel gives a 360 degree view of beauty



and the beach is beautiful.


My FSIL got married at the Beach October 2010.  It was beautiful and also the reason we chose to have  DW, but a different resort.  We wanted more texture.  But we will be heading back over to the Beach because our fave bartender will hopefully still be there, and FSIL wants to show him baby pix :)

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FYI-- Star Ballroom is on SUNRISE side :)

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I have found more pictures of MP.  As I have gotten the pictures from this site, note that either the name or the location where the pictures was will be mentioned.  However; most people did not list what side (Sunrise, Nizuc or Grand) that the pictures were on.


 Aqua Ballroom (below)

Aqua Ballroom.jpg


Art Terrace (below)

Art Terrace.jpgArt Terrace 2.jpg


Venado Terrace (below)



Star Ballroom-Grand side (below)

Grand BallroomStar.jpg


Golf area (below)

Golf area.jpg


Nizuc Pool(Below)

Nizuc Pool.jpg


Tucan Terrace (below)

Tucan Terrace.jpg


Grand Rooms(below)

Grand Side.jpg


Hope this helps.



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I would say Nizuc is where the action is!!! Sunrise is super classy and upscale...but yes you're right Grand is newer and have much bigger rooms!

Originally Posted by Vettiebean View Post

SOOOO glad this thread is up! There's no way we could afford to do a site visit, so this is the best alternative! I am having a hard time choosing between Sunrise (bc I hear that's where all the fun is) and Grand (bc I hear it's beautiful and new), so hoping that this helps! 


Thank you ladies! 


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I don't recall an arcade there either from my visit.... perhaps there are video games or something in the Discoteque? I have to admit I only popped my head and didn't go all the way in

Originally Posted by shelbygirl View Post

 We didn't see or know there was an arcade.  It must not be on the Nizuc side where we stayed. Hopefully someone can help you!


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If it's the fireworks that comes with the wedding package, no you can not. I had the same request and I was told that it can't be done b/c the set up is at the ceremony site and therefore, can not be moved.

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