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  1. Also, just so you know....November is NOT their slow season. Its actually one of their busier seasons. By November, hurricane season for the Atlantic has passed, and it is much colder in most parts of the US. Its a peak time for people to travel to Mexico.
  2. I'm sorry, but this part in BOLD, especially the last sentence, makes no sense at all. You have to realize that this is an all inclusive resort. All the meals and all the drinks (including alcohol) is fully included in the costs of your stay. Maybe a regular hotel room could charge the same amount for 2 people in a room as they do for 4 people in a room, because all they are offering you is a room. But in this case, the resort has to supply food and drink for every single person in the room for the course of their stay. There is NO WAY they would ever charge you the same for 2 people in a
  3. They use can beer. But about 99% of the time, you are going to get beer from a tap. Most bars have only Dos Equis on tap. Some bars have both Dos Equis and Sol on tap. And at some of the bars you can get a can of Tecate Light. But most of the bars are only going to serve beers on tap out of a keg.
  4. This is a tough question. It really all depends on where your private function is going to be located. The resort has so many different bars, restaurants and areas to cater an event....and they have numerous types of glassware for each and every bar. Like most bars, they will most likely make your drink in the glass most appropriate for the drink. If you are going to order some special straws, I would go with the taller normal length.
  5. There are some other acceptable photographers that Moon Palace will allow, however, you will have to pay a fee to bring them into the resort. Depending on who you speak with, you will either have to pay for a day pass for the photographer, book them a room for a night, or pay a hefty 'vendor' fee. We used Del Sol Photography for our wedding at Moon Palace. Because they have a great working relationship with Moon Palace, they are an 'approved' photographer, so we were only required to pay a day pass to the resort ($91) for both the photographer and the assistant.
  6. The Mexican flags banners and lights draped across the ceiling came from Zuniga. They set up everything for the reception.
  7. I just wanted everyone to know that our professional photos came in from Del Sol Photography this week. They are amazing and we are so glad we chose them. I wanted to post the link to the slideshow here, in case anyone wants to check out their work. Chosing them to do our photos was probably the best decision we made. Here is the link: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=807 Here is a preview of a couple of our favorites:
  8. Each transaction will have the individual tax charge added to your room bill to pay at checkout.
  9. I do not believe that is correct. Its a tax imposed by the actual government. I honestly think the resorts hands are tied on it. All of our excursions....including golf, spa and tours, were all subject to the 11% tax. We booked back in early 2011, and we paid the 11% tax on everything we used the credits on.....including room upgrades. Its possible you may be able to get around paying the 11% tax, I'm honestly not sure, but I would be prepared to pay the tax on any vacation dollars (resort credits) you plan on spending.
  10. Starting in April of 2012, the Mexican Government is forcing the resorts to charge an 11% tax on all 'resort credits' used. So if you use $100 vacation dollars (resort credits), you will have to pay $11 in taxes on it.
  11. I remember seeing the laundry price list in our closet while we were there....but I completely forgot to take a photo of it for information. I will say though, that I recall the pricing to be somewhat high for a laundry service.
  12. If there are going to be a decent number of dinner guests and you think the conversation will be enough, I wouldn't go through the troubles of renting speakers/iPod hookup just for welcome dinner. If you want background music, don't spend $200+ on renting a couple speakers for 4 hours, spend the $200 on a Jawbone Jambox and play it off someone's iPod/iPhone. http://jawbone.com/speakers/jambox/overview It's a much better value then renting a huge speaker set up for the welcome dinner.
  13. I had Renee Garcia as my wedding planner. Claudia Fonseca was my on-site coordinator. I can not recommend either of them. I had to constantly double check every single thing they did and correct their many mistakes along the way. The wedding turned out great, and the week was amazing. But neither of them made it easy along the way. I know there are always going to be people who want a cheaper option. But in the end, $200 pp per night is a great deal for everything you get at Moon Palace. It's not overpriced at all. It's an amazing deal for what it is.
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