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"DIY" vistaprint pre-travel brochures and luggage tags w/ Pics

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Vistaprint allows you to make caricatures...I made them for our post it notes, but also used it in the brochure. You design the caricature on Vistaprint and it is saved under your vistaprint images.

Originally Posted by dominiqueamber View Post

That's awesome...I love that you used the caricatures....how did they let you place them on the brochure? Did you have to save it as an image?


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No I used Rebecca's template I found on the forum and printed them on white cardstock and then cut them out. I am at work now, but I will try and post it when I get home.

Originally Posted by Leah2012 View Post

Love the luggage tags and brochure. Did my brochure now going to get on the luggage tags :) Did you just use business cards?


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Originally Posted by jlarruda View Post


For you ladies making the brochures, what costs have you been seeing? I just looked on vistaprint now and it says 25 for $27.99

You have to use a coupon link that they frequently send in emails to get the 25 free brochures. If I find a coupon in my email...I will post it here.



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