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  1. Tori, LOVE your bags and Im borrowing your templates For your wedding week survival template on your ziplock bag, how did you attach them? Are the templates on both sides of the bag? Im just in the midst of starting this process and was wondering... Thanks
  2. Haha yes you should do that for sure! come and celebrate your 30th with us!! We are arriving on the 23! its the 6 month countdown!!
  3. I will see you there! We are getting married at the colonial on march 26, 2012!
  4. I FINALLY have enough posts to download!! let the downloading begin!!! YAYY!!
  5. Well this makes me feel really uneasy..I don't like that they can just increase the prices like that...
  6. I think you look fabulous in your dress!! I think you made the right decision!!
  7. Yes thank goodness we have the dollarama up here in canada!!
  8. LOVE your bags! What an amazing job you did! Glad everyone loved them!!
  9. Love the welcome book! Do you have a template for that? Great job on the bags!!
  10. Love the starfish and shells! Im also wondering what you are using the suitcases for!
  11. I can do that. Whats your email? I will forward you the most recent one Ive received!
  12. For personalized lip balms are you using something from vistaprint to print on your logo etc? If so what is it youre using? Something the size of address labels?
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