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Cleans planning thread **pics and templates** Barcelo Colonial Jan 24 2011

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Im so excited that its coming up so soon! We leave in a week and there is still so much left to do!


Mostly everything that I have for our wedding was made by me as we tried to keep the costs down. Thank god I have a friend with a industrial printer, it made things WAYYY easier on me. cheer2.gif


Anyhow Here is goes!!


We first started to talk about getting married in the summer of 09. Scott wanted to start having kids and I wanted to get married first. We went to Las Vegas and picked out the ring I wanted and were going to elope, but changed our minds and decided we should have friends/family there. Well, two months later we find out im pregnant lol. We started to plan to get married after our son was born in April and decided on Jan.

The rings:


His is just a simple white gold band and mine is just over a carat Hearts On Fire diamond. love.gif


Next I got the dress, this was from my last fitting.



My sons outfit Chilliwack-20101215-00078.jpg

Scott is wearing white linen pants and a long linen/cotton white dress shirt from Tommy Bahammas.

The Groomsmen are wearing tan linen pants and a off white linen/cotton dress shirt from Tommy Bahammas. I dont have pics of these though sad.gif


My bridesmaids are wearing Jasmine dresses that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!


As for invitations I ended up just telling friends/family in person and sending emails out as we only gave them a few months to book. I will however be making out invitations for our summer BBQ with the rest of our family/friends who couldnt attend or wernt invited.

These are what I picked out, but im swapping the ribbon for blue and adding some flowers:


I started to get things for our OOT bags right away in the summer when we finally decided on a venue/hotel.

I got a lady from etsy to make me bags, I even got to pick my own fabric out which was awesome. msnparty.gif she was very easy to work with and ended up remaking me my bags because I think they got lost in customs. :(



This is everything that I ended up gathering to put in the bags.


and templates for the survival kit, brochure, key card holders and for our crossword.










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This is some of the things im giving to the parents (I also have some shirts and hats to give but dont have pics right now)

I will be taking the girls to the spa and Scott is taking the boys out deep sea fishing.


I made all the earrings myself too pinkie.gif



I dont have pics of the other pairs though.


Our menus




Seating cards




These are the bouqets for the girls and bouteneers for the boys which I made. My flowers are going to be real though.




This is one of my veils I made:


the inside of the flower has my late grandmothers broach in it, and is also my something blue. 


I also made this as a guest book for my guests to "sign"




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This is where were getting married


our reception is on the beach, or poolside ..our wedding planner hasnt told us where it is yet. hissyfit.gif


This is our cake topper, I wanted something funny and this seemed perfect since 90% of Scotts time is spent playing video games.

I got the bride and groom from Michales and my gf made me the tv and xbox items with her putty stuff.

cake topper

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