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  1. My two cents regarding photography: I was really impressed with Digipix's work HOWEVER if we could do it again, I would definitely hire an outside photographer. WIth Digipix, if the package says 24 pictures, you get those same 24 pictures on a CD. Who only wants 24 pictures of their wedding?!?! To get all the pictures we wanted we paid close to some of the quotes we got for outside photographers. Also, it would have been nice to have pictures from our cocktail hour. We have a ton of pictures that family and friends took but for example with the cake cutting, first dance etc., I'm sure a pro photog would have gotten better angles. There were a lot of pictures I felt were missing. There were no pictures taken of my hubby waiting for me to come down the aisle! Anyway, just my opinion. Also, if you can work videography into your budget, DO IT!! I love to watch the video that one of our friends shot but there were people walking in front of him all through the video!
  2. The Beach has a beach party on Thursday night. It was a ton of fun. There is also a beach bbq on Saturday. The Suites has a beach party too. I can't remember what night though. There was no one there so we didn't go! Their beach bbq is Monday.
  3. Hey ladies. I posted my review. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. jmiller@taiflora.com I think if you check their website, there's a toll free number to reach them.
  5. Rashel Edwards did my make up and it was FABULOUS!!! She also did my sister/maid of honor's make up. The airbrushing looks so natural and the best part is it stays put and you don't feel like you have anything on your face. I have NEVER gotten my make up done and been 100% satisfied with the results but Rashel changed that. Her hair stylist did my hair as well as my now husband's hair (he has dreadlocks) and she is just as great. Not only is Rashel very friendly but she's very professional. She was early for our appointment and kept track of time to make sure we weren't late. Here's a picture. If you book her you will not be disappointed!
  6. I had my wedding at the Beach hotel but stayed at the Suites and if I had to do it again I would definitely do it that way again. My guests could stay at any of the three hotels without having to pay to attend any events we had (welcome dinner, wedding, etc). And personally, I didn't really think the food was any better at the Suites but they do have lobster.
  7. Hi ladies! Checking in from Jamaica!! I wanted to let all of the Beach brides know that my wedding went perfectly, even without an official wedding coordinator!! You honestly have nothing to worry about. Elizabeth and Daniella are in charge of the weddings for now and they do a wonderful job. They went above and beyond what we expected of them. I'll post some pictures when we return home. There has been a wedding everyday that we've been here so they know what they're doing. And they work very had. You can find them in their office or around the resort for at least 12 hours a day. I spoke with Elizabeth briefly one night at 10:45!!
  8. Hey ladies! Just wanted to say thank you for the wealth of info these last few months!! We're leaving for Jamaica in a few hours!! SO EXCITED!!! I haven't had much contact with the hotel since their email has been down but I was able to talk to Elizabeth at the Beach hotel for a little while yesterday. Fingers crossed that everything turns out ok...either way, I'll be married when I return!!
  9. Congrats Mrs. Smith!! You looked so beautiful on your wedding day!!
  10. Hey ladies! I'm about to email Tameica but I thought I'd try here too. We want to do a cocktail party on the terrace. Does anyone know if there is anything to hang paper lanterns on at the terrace? The other questions I have are how many people can fit at a table (I think the dimensions are 8' x 2'6" x 2'5") and how long is the aisle runner? Any help you have is greatly appreciated!!
  11. Everything looks fab!! I love your earrings! And the price is great!! Congrats!
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