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Unfortanely, its my turn to vent :~(

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#1 twinkletoes

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    Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:28 PM

    Ok, here it goes...

    Since Hurricane Dean, my FI is now talking about NOT having a destination wedding! I do NOT want to have a local wedding. Plus the extra stress of our family putting in their 2 cents about having a wedding away. I'm not sure what I can do to convince him that a destination wedding will be okay.

    My favorite cousin, who was one of my best friends, is totally upset with me right now since I was honest with her about how I didn't like her current relationship. So she is no longer talking to me!

    One of my sisters is telling me that I'm jealous of her and that's the only reason I want to have a wedding away, so she won't be going!

    My FI's family .... thats a whole other story in itself. (I dont think the forum has enough bandwith to tell that story!)

    I have yet to book anywhere because I can't decide where I want to go. I originally wanted to do St. Thomas but since I was concerned about my guests expenses and trying to be considerate, Jamaica was the runner-up. But if most of my guests keep bitching, I think I will just elope. I refuse to let them put me under any more unneccessary stress.

    Out loud I say I dont care if none of my family is there, because in the end, its really about me and my FI (my new family). But deep down inside, I will truly be devastated if they aren't!

    I'm starting to rethink this whole destination wedding thing! Even though this is ALWAYS what I wanted to do. Something small and simple.

    Okay, I'm rambling.... so I'll just leave it at that. Thanks for listening! What is a girl to do?

    These are all the emotions I'm going through!

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    #2 Jackie

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      Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:34 PM

      NO NO NO, a DW is perfect for you if its what you had always wanted. Dont get frustrated, or do because even the most laid back of us DW girls have ended up getting a little frustrated over some part of the DW experience. Slthough DW are usually a lot less stressfull than planning a humongo at home wedding there are still stresses. Just take a deep breath and think of a way to get through it. There will be family members complaining about something no matter where you have your wedding.

      As far as the hurricane scare goes, maybe look into some areas that arent prone to hurricanes, or and, make sure you dont plan durring hurricane season. If you do this maybe your FI will be more at ease.

      Hope that helped a little :)
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      #3 robindepaula

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        Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:37 PM

        I agree, don't let them scare you off from having the wedding of your dreams. If you want a DW - then you should have it. That is so selfish of others to butt in when it's obviously no ones decision except you & your FH's.

        #4 Jessica

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          Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:38 PM

          I know your FI is just concerned, but you can have a beautiful DW if you just think smart when planning. I chose May because it was not during the hurricane season.

          Truth is, anything can go wrong anywhere at anytime. If you really have your heart set on a DW, then do it!

          Is Jamaica less expensive than St. Thomas?! I found St. Thomas to be insanely inexpensive which is why I picked that location. Althought I do vaguely remember the flights out of HGA being more expensive than they were for me coming from NJ.

          #5 SusanK

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            Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:39 PM

            I'm sure in light of recent events, many people are feeling the same way your FI is. Weather is a big concern for any wedding, let alone a DW. There are definitely better times of the year to get married than others when weather is an important factor. This is definitely hurricane season in the Carribean, so probably not the best time to plan a DW. You should sit down with your FI and do some research on your location together. Maybe he'd feel better if you chose a different date during a "safer" time of year! Don't give up on your DW dream. And remember, despite all the family stress that many of the BDW brides have gone through, I don't think there are any that regret their decision to do a DW!
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            #6 rodent


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              Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:41 PM

              can you just move up your date to be out of hurricane season? It looks like july (although technically season) is not as risky of a month. I wanted May to completely avoid the season, but I chose June after seeing that there wasn't likely to be a storm then.

              #7 PaulaV

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                Posted 21 August 2007 - 07:43 PM

                Sorry to hear about the stresses you are having to deal with right now. That's sucky!

                When you talk DW does it have to be out of the country?
                There are some gorgeous beaches in the US.
                If not a beach what about another US location?
                If out of the country, what about somewhere on the other coast, like Cabo San Lucas in Mexico? Hurricanes are not as common there.

                Where would be your dream DW?

                #8 Nrvsbride

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                  Posted 21 August 2007 - 08:18 PM

                  I am so sorry that your FI is changing his mind now. Unfortunately with DW it is bound to happen. I can't even imagine how you feel with your cousin not speaking to you and your sister telling you that you are jealous of her. That is way harsh. I think maybe you should take a step back and relax a little. Let some time go by. Planning a DW when your constantly hearing in the news that Hurricane Dean is ruining everything is kind of a bummer. I would wait until it blows overs and then talk to FI about what it is you both want to do. Also, I'm sure your sister is telling you she won't come now, but maybe as time progresses she will change her mind about the whole thing. And you never know, your cousin may see the guy she's with for the person he's really for and she may end up breaking up with him and being on good terms with you again. I like to think positive no matter what and I truly believe that everything can be worked out. The important thing is that you will be happy in the end.

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