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Bridesmaid Nightmare!!

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#1 lilicat

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    Posted 08 December 2010 - 12:37 PM

    2 months to the PV wedding and one of my bridesmaids have backed out.

    BM dress is bought my me.......... size 2

    Groom has 3 GM's I now have 2 BM's.

    Do I ask another friend or just go with 2 girls?




    #2 hamme

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      Posted 08 December 2010 - 01:41 PM

      I was asked to be a late BM and joyfully accepted...NEVER AGAIN! There was resentment from the other BM. I would roll with 2 BM and let the non-MOH have two cute guys! she will love the attention... make it fun!

      #3 mochamakes3

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        Posted 08 December 2010 - 01:55 PM

        Sell the dress online and just have 2. Now you know who really stands up for you. And be grateful that everyone else has held your hand and heart throughout your wonderful day.

        #4 82turtles

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          Posted 08 December 2010 - 03:01 PM

          Agreed. I think you should keep your 2 rather than just have a 'filler'. It's very likely there would be hurt feelings or resentment from someone if you did that!


          Having an uneven bridal party isn't a big deal; it's more about having the ones nearest and dearest stand by your side. Good luck!

          #5 lilicat

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            Posted 08 December 2010 - 03:17 PM

            Thanks so much for the quick replies.

            Great idea about allowing the 1 BM walk down the isle with 2 GMs.

            Think I will use that one!!

            #6 tris

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              Posted 08 December 2010 - 05:03 PM

              I have the same situation, except mine hasn't offically bailed yet, but she's living in Australia and although she said she'd be there she hasn't made a single effort thus far... I know she won't be there. It really sucks... but we're totally have 2-3...

              Married my best friend 04/28/11 at the Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay

              #7 marinemeuwec

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                Posted 09 December 2010 - 08:23 AM

                I am in a similar situation she hasnt booked yet, but still insists shes coming...my thoughts were to keep the same people, not add anyone new but have the guys already standing at the altar and just have the girls walk down the aisle, then no one has to walk alone or be awkward.  The other option would be to have the maid of honor walk alone and the rest with a partner.

                #8 AGreene

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                  Posted 10 December 2010 - 09:43 PM

                  I was in a wedding last year where there was an extra groomsman (the groom had an honorary spot in memory of his deceased brother so there was 4 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen) and the groomsmen started out at the altar and on the way back down the aisle and for pictures, the best man and matron of honor were together, and one bridesmaid and groomsman were together, and the third groomsman had the other 2 bridesmaids on each arm. It was cute and he looked like a ladies man! What guy wouldn't like to have a pretty girl on each arm???

                  #9 1elephant

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                    Posted 14 December 2010 - 10:26 PM

                    we had 2 groomsmen and 3bms. my sister walked w/ his brother, and his best friend walked w/ my two best friends.

                    #10 smille50

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                      Posted 19 December 2010 - 11:41 AM

                      I would just do 2.  We were going to have 5 and 5 on each side, but 2 groomsman can't come now so we will have 3 and 5.  I wouldn't be too worried about it.

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