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  1. Yes. Grand Marival is the main lobby, the Club and Suites is attached and the residences are just down the block. Seperate resort and WAY more expensive.
  2. The wedding was amazing, the staff was super great and the Photographer was incredible. No complaints at all!!! No pics to post as I have not downloaded any onto this computer. Good luck and no you cannot go wrong with the Grand Marival!!!
  3. Thanks so much for the quick replies. Great idea about allowing the 1 BM walk down the isle with 2 GMs. Think I will use that one!!
  4. Sorry it took so long to reply. My wedding is in Feb 10 but I will let you know how it goes. So far so good though, been in touch with the resort Wedding consultant and she is awesome.
  5. 2 months to the PV wedding and one of my bridesmaids have backed out. BM dress is bought my me.......... size 2 Groom has 3 GM's I now have 2 BM's. Do I ask another friend or just go with 2 girls? HELP!
  6. We are getting married in Feb 2011 and have decided on the Marival. Has anyone been married there or attended a wedding there? Any input would be great! What part of the resort is the best part to stay in? I can reserve a entire section for my wedding party (45ppl) but am getting conflicting reports....... Help!!
  7. Did you end up marrying at the marival? I'm planning my wedding there for Feb 2011 How was it?
  8. I too am getting married in PV in Feb 2011 and am from Calgary!!! Yippee!! We have chosen the Marival for the numerous restaurants, activities and the wedding package is incomparable!!! The Bahia package, includes pics, massages and sunset cruise... plus so much more. Hope all goes well for you!! Lilicat
  9. My wedding is booked at the Grand Marival for Feb 2011. The wedding package they offer is incomparable. The photography is Paparazzi Vallarta but I have never heard of them nor can I find a website..... Has anyone heard of them? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Lilicat
  10. Thanks Amanda, I've heard great things about Sayulita so that just maybe the ticket.
  11. Hi all My fiance and I are getting married in Puerto Vallarta next February but want to change destinations for the week long honeymoon. Somewhere easy to get to from Puerto Vallarta. We have been to Cabo and Mazatlan and don't really want to go to the Gulf......any suggestions would be appreciated. Lilicat
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by CBT2009 Everything went amazingly smooth, even with all the flu craziness going on. We stayed at the Barcelo La Jolla de Mismaloya and LOVED every minute of our stay. The staff was outgoing, friendly, attentive and always there to happily help with anything. Our wedding coordinator, Fabiola, had everything perfect down to last detail. Also, she was such a pleasant person to work with every step of the way. For our photos we went with Bridgecolor.com by Marisa Bridge. Again we cannot say enough about how pleased we are with everything from start to finish. She made sure that we were comfortable with everything and that we didn't need to worry about anything accept enjoying our time together. She was extremely friendly and very available to answer any questions we had. Check out the Panorama; its a restaurant in downtown PV with the best views in town. The sunset was beautiful and we got some great pictures. Service was great here also. After we left we said that we should have had our rehearsal dinner there. I hope this helps; I know how much work it is but its worth it. One last piece of advice...enjoy, relax and take a moment to really take it all in. You'll have the most memorable time of your lives!! Good luck!! CBT Congrats on your wedding!!! I am thinking of the Barcelo for my wedding..... Can you give me more tips? How big was your party? Did you do a reception? Is there a swim up bar? What were the flowers like? Any info you can give would be great. Thanks Tammy
  13. Thanks for the tipping tip Ashley and Good luck next week. I hope your wedding turns out lovely!! Be sure to post some tips when you return.
  14. I am planning a 2011 wedding as well and can't seem to decide between, RIU, Dreams and Marival...... all the wedding packages seem great and the pics are breathtaking. I have only been to Mazatlan and my fiance lived in Cabo for a brief stint but I could not get over the greenery of PV. It sold me in a second. As mentioned b4 in the thread some travel agencies are having troubles getting prices but the ones that really want your business can make it happen. Happy planning ladies!!!
  15. HI All First I want to say I am loving this thread, it is more than answering most of my questions. However, there are a couple of other things... The new 2011 Caprice package is equivalent to the 2010 Royal, only accomodating 40ppl and they no longer offer for more than 40 ppl. What will happen if I go over (even if by a few)? Also, I never even considered renting the poolside bar for after dinner.... Can you give me price ideas? Thanks in advance!
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