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  1. Hello, I am using Florart for my wedding next week. Maripepa and I have been emailing back and forth for the past couple months, and I haven't had any problems with no answers. As I have not been able to go to PV, we have been emailing back and forth. She has always been very very prompt at getting back to me as soon as she can. When choosing my flowers, I told her the ones that I like (Stargazer Lillie's and white roses), and she was able to send me various pictures to choose from. She has even made it possible to order beta fish for my center pieces, which has been one of my plans for center pieces for years. I was able to make several changes throughout as my needs have changed, whether its adding a bouquet or decreasing the amount of center pieces we need, and that hasn't been a problem. She would just adjust the budget and send me the new one. I was even able to add and change a couple things just yesterday, with my wedding being the 20th. She has been nothing but helpful and prompt with me. I will let you know how things are after my big day!
  2. Ohhh, I love Pipis and Tino's! They're so good. I've visited PV for a vacation for the past 3 winters and we make a point of going here every year. Another really good place we go every year is the Fajita Banana in the Marina, they have some of the best ribs in town. All 3 are on our 'must' list every time we're there, and we'll be visiting them for sure when we're down there in January for our wedding. In fact, i am considering using one of them for our rehearsal dinner.
  3. Hi! I just booked my hair and makeup (as well as my bridal party) for my wedding in January with Franc Gole. I was just wondering what everyones opinions are on having trials done before the wedding. Also if anyone has had a trial done with him, I am curious on what your experience was with him. Thanks!
  4. I was in a wedding last year where there was an extra groomsman (the groom had an honorary spot in memory of his deceased brother so there was 4 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen) and the groomsmen started out at the altar and on the way back down the aisle and for pictures, the best man and matron of honor were together, and one bridesmaid and groomsman were together, and the third groomsman had the other 2 bridesmaids on each arm. It was cute and he looked like a ladies man! What guy wouldn't like to have a pretty girl on each arm???
  5. Hi, we are getting married at Velas Vallarta on the 20th of January, 2011. We are having our ceremony at 3, so are expecting it to be done around 3:30. Then we are planning on family shots around the hotel grounds. Then we are heading to downtown to take some fun pictures, and then back to the hotel for pictures on the beach at sunset which I believe is around 6:40 on our day, so are planning on having our reception at 7, in order to give us lots of time to get from the hotel to downtown and back, as well as have time for pictures and not feel totally rushed while doing them. And if we end up having lot's of time it will be good as we won't feel rushed and will have plenty of time to get all the shots we want, and maybe even have some time to relax!
  6. I just booked them to do the video for my wedding in January. Not booking them for photography though. I have a photographer flying out from Monterrey, Mx that is very reasonably priced and does beautiful work.
  7. I have stayed at 3 different resorts in the Marina area; The Westin, the Mayan Palace, and Velas Vallarta. All are very nice resorts, and didn't have any complaints about any of them. Actually, we have chosen Velas for our wedding in January because we love it so much there (In my opinion it was the best out of the 3). I have never been out to where Dreams is located, but the Marina is generally about a 20 min cab ride from the new part of down town, and Dreams is located on the other side of Old Town, so I would expect a 40-60 min cab ride from Dreams to the Marina.
  8. I don't know of any cleaners. We are bringing a small handheld steamer with us to steam the wrinkles out of my dress and veil
  9. Does anyone have Fernando's contact info? Would love to see what his prices are in comparison to Franc Gole.
  10. Thanksfor the info! I sent him an email right away! Wow, he sure did a great job on your hair! Gorgeous!
  11. Hello! Was wondering if anyone has worked/is working with Vallarta Incredible Weddings? What has your experience been with them? There website does not offer a lot of pictures of their work, so would welcome some examples. Thanks for any info you have!
  12. Hello, was wondering if anyone could suggest some great hair/makeup stylists that will come to your hotel for your hair/makeup?
  13. Hello! I am getting married at Velas Vallarta on January 20th, 2011. Was wondering if there are any other Velas Brides, and how their planning is going! I would also love to hear from you about your experience if you are a past Velas Bride.
  14. Andi- I think I am also confused. I found this thread in the PV forum as well. Â Does anyone have the contact info for the Fernando in PV?
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