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  1. Hi ladies long time since Ive checked back on this thread, Our first dance was a song my hubby dedicated to me: Charlie wilson: YOU ARE
  2. well don't worry laura I actually didn't finalize my bill until a week and a half before my wedding basically because they werent responding to me with finalized bill. Also once everything is paid no more can be subtracted. Example: I had two guests cancel on me 2 days before the wedding, I figured I wouldnt get my money back but asked anyways and was told nope once bill is paid they already have the arrangements in the works . So dont worry as long as you pay before you get to PV and WC confirms they have recieved it you are good. Make sure she confirms though they have recieved money
  3. It was 82 degrees during my visit so it felt very.cOmfortable . However before the ceremony walking around taking pics around las caletas my thighs felt warm but again this is mostly because of the dress . I wouldn't worry if I was you . No matter what just from excitement or maybe thickness of your dress you will feel warm no matter what and eventually not even notice it
  4. Kya beautiful pics! Exotic flowers include orchids. I had to pay the extra 100. But's that's all for pretty much alot of orchids everywhere in our decorations. however my Bridemaid's bouqets also had white calla lilies and white orchids and they were $50 dollars each (because of orchids)which I thought was very expensive . But since I love flowers I gave in
  5. Ok since I'm on a roll I might as well post some pics. some will be better than others these were taken from multiple guest's cameras
  6. Hi ladies just a sneak peak from out photographer. http://michelleturnerphotography.net/blog/ Also want to give credit again to this designer who made so many stationary details in our wedding amazing http://mymemoriesoftoday.blogspot.com/2012/01/kathleen-sherwin-puerto-vallarta-mexico.html
  7. Also wanted to share my invitations, PDF design for bags, and wedding scrolls created by this talented designer . She understood my every detail when planning these things. http://mymemoriesoftoday.blogspot.com/2012/01/kathleen-sherwin-puerto-vallarta-mexico.html
  8. Kya sounds like we had the same "hiccups" . WCs disapper after dinner, I was also scrambling asking bridesmaids to clear things off table, never did bouquet toss (I didnt want to do garter ). After clearing everyhting I did get everything except my written vows...oh well at least I will have the video of me reading them.
  9. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/las-caletas-adventure-weddings/reviews Finally wrote review, warning its long...pics soon sometime this week
  10. I brought my own unity sand set. I bought it online and pink and white sand at Michaels stores. When I went to michaels they actually sell unity sets for cheaper than I paid...oh well. The WC was surprised I brought my own, so I assume they might provide it for you...but then you can't take it home.?? My boat ride with BMs was about 40 mins with other tourists @9:00am. My hubby and GMs left from Boca de Tomalan (fishing town south of puerto Vallarta, 15 min cab ride from dreams PV resort where we stayed). They took a nice speedboat which they said took them less than 20 mins to get to Las Caletas. (My photographer was also with them). Boat ride for guests out of PV maritime left @ 4:45pm and they said trip was about 45 mins. We bought tons of Dramimine for all guests and no one took them. Everyone said ride was smooth and no sickness.
  11. ivetti we had 30 guests but denise insisted we have 4 tables and one table for me and my groom in the middle. Honestly it worked out perfectly and comfortably. we seated 8 guests per table including 2 extra photographers. we did do place cards which were not set on each place, instead guests picked them up from a pretty sand box denise set up for guests on their way to reception area. It's up to you but I didn;t want guests walking around table to table looking for their name
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