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Info From Dreams WC

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Below I have posted an email reply that I received from our Wedding Coordinator at Dreams, Yarai. Some of the info may not apply to you, depending on some of your individual event details, but, I thought some of the info may be good to know/share!


I cannot believe how fast time is flying by - the Holiday's will be gone before you know it and soon it will be "crunch" time! We are getting SO excited about July 8th, but, still lots to do (especially since we're also planning a rather large party/reception back home after the wedding). My Fiance and I are both huge fans of food, especially around the holidays, we've registered for a Marathon in January just to stay in check!




  1. Music - We are planning on using the iPod Rental Equipment for the ceremony/reception, who will actually be changing the music for us (from one song to another)? Do we need to assign this "task" to one of our guests? Will the same equipment set-up be used for both the ceremony and reception (how fast will they get it moved over, we would like to have the music playing during the Cocktail Hour?)to have the sound system at both locations the cost will be $350.00 as there is a technician fee to have it moved from one side to the other. During the ceremony the thecnician will be able to change the songs for you but if you wish for him to change the music at the reception there is a technician fee of $75.00 us per hour and he could also do the MC for announcing you guys as the new Mr and Mrs and the dancing. To move the system from one side to the other takes about 15 mins so no problem at the cocktail hour, we will only have the last 15mins without any music.
  2. Trio - I have noted that the Ultimate package that we are getting comes with a music Trio for one set, can you expalin what this is and when they play (ceremony/reception)?Trio is a group of musicians with 3 different instruments. On the wedding guide you will be able to see the different instruments combination we can due for trios. 1 set is of 45 mins played and 15 mins of break. We can have the sound system for the ceremony and then have the trio for the cocktail hour. Or have the trio for the ceremony and part of the cocktail hour.
  3. Flowers - We are not interested in having the Groomsmen or Parents wear the boutonniers/corsages that come with our package, is there a way that we can exchange these for a simple flower or two for each of my three bridesmaids? I do not want a full boquet for my bridesmaids, just a simple flower or two will do!  We can certainly exchange the 2 boutonniere and 2 corsages for 3 singles flowers, what do you think about a single alactraz with a nice colored ribbon attached to it.
  4. Table - Can we arrange to have a table set up at the reception that we can place a few pictures on as well as the guestbook that we are going to have our guests sign?Yes not a problem just let me know how many pictures and size is possible to see what size table we will need to request
  5. Shippig - We are planning on shipping several boxes to Dreams prior to our arrival, what time frame would you suggest that we starte sending this stuff, two weeks before the wedding? Yes, I will suggest at least 2 weeks but please note as mentioned on the wedding guide to please contact a customs broker as you will doing an internationals shipping and there are some standard and procuders you will need to follow in order to be able to have everything arrived on time. Customs department in Mexico is quite strict so I do recommend you to contact them as soon as you get a chance
  6. Menu - Can you please send me the most up-to-date menu that we have to choose from for both the Cocktail Hour and the Gold Menu? How many appetizers do we get to choose from for the Cocktail hour? How are these served, buffet style or a waiter walking around with a tray?
  7. Drinks - The Cocktail Hour and Reception are Open Bar correct? Will guest have to go to one of the hotel bars to receive their drinks, will we have a private waiter, or a private  bar set-up at the reception?The must updated menus are the ones on the wedding guide, there hasnâ€t been any changes to it. Appetizers as mentioned on the wedding guide the amount will depend on the final head count, they are usually stationed. You will indeed to have Full Open Bar and there will be waiters and bartenders assigned to your event who will be serving your guests.
  8. Pictures - Is there a way that you can send me some pictures of the beach set-up as well as the reception set-up? We are trying to decided what "extras" we will want to have included. Please find them attached.
  9. Rehearsal - Approximately what time will the rehearsal be at on Thursday evening? How long will it last? Will we be able to do an acutal walk-through of the ceremony?The reahearsal is a walk through the way everyone will be walking in, where they will stand and how to walk out. The actual ceremony we do not go through as we leave this for your special day it usually takes between 15 and 30 mins depending on the group. I will prefer to have the rehearsal between 3 and 4:00 pm in case that I have a wedding on the day so we donâ€t have to be rushing things up.
  10. Decorations - Will there be any additional charge for any decorations that we bring for the reception (candles on table, ect)? No no additional charge just please let me know what you will be bringing so i can noted down

This is all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there will be more to come in the near future! :)



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