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  1. Thank you for the sweet comments. It has arrived and I go pick it up this week!!
  2. I wanted something simple and not flashy, since I do not wear a lot of jewlery. I love my ring and thta is what matters most.
  3. I am somewhat undecided and have bought these so I can look at them for a while!!
  4. My dress, on a model....not me. Haven't had pictures taken yet. It is made by Essence of Australia. I can't wait for it to come in!!
  5. Wear whatever you want. I realized I needed "Bling" when I was trying on dresses and I navigated to a fancier dress than I set out looking for. There is bling in this dress on the flowers but it does not show up in the picture. We are adding more rhinestones and bling jewelry. And by the way, this is not me!! We forgot to take the camera when we purchased!!
  6. I have procrastinated about getting a dress because I am not happy about my weight. But I broke down and finally went shopping. The dress is ordered and should be here in June!! Wedding is July15th, so I will have just enough time to get it altered!! And joinm Weight Watchers!!
  7. Ashley, Thanks for sharing. I am planning a scout trip in Feb and will post any useful informaiton I am able to obtain.
  8. I am a Cabo Bride......and from doing my research I am WAY behind!!! We are getting marrried at Dreams on July 15, 2011
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