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Newbie in Vancouver, BC getting married 11-11-11 in Riviera Maya / Cancun

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Hello beautiful brides!


Myself and my gorgeous soul mate and future husband were recently engaged in August on my 30th birthday after a dream proposal at Disneyland! :) :) :)


We are so very excited to be getting married next year and we have just started planning for our wonderful day in Mexico.


If any of you have tips on where and where not to get married, have photos taken, photographers, decor, catering etc in the Riviera Maya / Cancun, please feel free to let us know.


Looking forward to all your wonderful tips and suggestions :).


P.S. is there a thread on here with reviews/photos of couples who have got married at different destinations in Cancun??



GKGC xx Vancouver, BC, CANADA

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I too am looking to get married in November, 2011! I got engaged on Nov/11 this year and my FI thought it would be a great idea to get married 11/11/11 too, but it seems like alot of other people want the same date, and most of the resorts in Jamaica are booked solid for that day! Try emailing some resorts to see what dates they have available....we might end up with 1/11/11. I didn't think I would have to start planning my destination wedding so quickly!!



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Thank you :)!




We are so excited!  I did't think I would have to start planning my wedding to soon either.  I am a "take it as it comes" kinda gal, so I thought I'd start planning around June ... but the date being so popular we've had to start planning now.


Congrats on choosing Jamaica as your destination - I bet your wedding will be gorgeous! :)

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