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  1. Hi which items are you interested in?
  2. Hi I'm sorry someone already claimed them.
  3. Hi i have everything but the tote bags left. let me know what you are interested in.
  4. Thanks I figure its doing me no good keeping them in a box in my closet...need to make room for new winter clothes!
  5. i need to get rid of these mugs to make room in my home! 22 oz. insulated travel mugs. great for personalizing! - just pay shipping
  6. selling fujifilm polaroid camera with unused film. used for the guest book. everyone had a great time with taking their pictures and filling up our guestbook! def one of the hits of the night! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002NUP0D2/ref=oh_o01_s00_i01_details
  7. help me get rid of these! im willing to give them to you for free if you are willing to pay shipping! (US only unless you are ok with paying a steep shipping amount internationally) tons of foam letters i used to personalize travel mugs 35 Playa del carmen tote bags 50 luminary bags 12 personalizable luminary lights favors stock paper - pink and blue small bags used to put 'first aid' medicine in
  8. My husband will divorce me if i do not get these leftovers out of our apartment! =) 2 boxes of felt letters and glue (variety of sizes) - $3 - i used these letters to personalize drinking mugs 20 drinking mugs - $1 each 3 swarvoski heart jewel charms - $5 10 bath and body anti-bacterial gel - $1 each 1 circle cutter - $5 1 glossy Mog Podge glue - $2 50 Plastic Card case holders - 0.50 each Purple sheer ribbon - $1 15 purple swarvoski beads - $2 80 Luminary Bags - $3 for all 15 Translucent Vellum Paper - $3 for all 20 Sheets of Sticker Paper - $3 for all 17 votive candle favors - $10 for all 30 Playa Del Carmen Tote Bags - $30 for all 80 Sheets of Assorted Colors Stock paper - $5 for all 30 Sheets of Assorted styles of Travel Stock/Scrapbook Paper - $4 for entire book 10 yellow body puffs - $3 for all All prices are negotiable! if you dont want all quanities of an item, i can provide prices for desired quantities
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