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Wow!  You have so many great details! They are beautiful!

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Here is some information and photos about our DIY airline ticket wedding invitations.


Since one of the reasons we are getting married in Mexico is sharing our love of travel, I wanted to incorporate it somehow. We also have a few map inspired gifts in the welcome bags, luggage tag seating cards and destination table names. My mom loves to make homemade cards and she is really good at it, so I never considered anything other than she and I making our wedding invitations.


We looked all over for inspiration and found very creative ideas for passport invitations and luggage tag invitations, but choose to go with airplane ticket invitations. Our wedding colors are royal blue and sunrise orange - not for any sports team (people keep asking if its for the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears) - but because my ring is a brilliant blue sapphire and I love bright orange flowers.


Thankfully, my fiance has a good eye for design as he laid out the copy for the "tickets" and then my mom and I took over. We printed out the pages, cut them apart, snipped the corners, stamped travel designs, folded, glued and tied our way to what we think are a beautiful finished product. I can't wait to work on some more projects!






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They look great!

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Holy s**t, for lack of a better term. These are the some of the most professional looking DIY ticket invitations I've ever seen. Incredible job with the designs, and what is that little ringy loop thing, such a simple design but looks so elegant! Kudos to you and your team, I can't wait to search and see what else you guys came up with

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